Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Look 6936, Almost Finished

New Look 6936
(Excuse the towel on my head)
After visiting Clegs today to check out their fabrics, I am so excited at the thought of finishing my current dress and making more!

I tried my New Look dress on tonight with my favorite belt and shortened the skirt.

I have to say, the dress looks much better on than it does on a coat hanger!

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Peek at my next project

After I finish my New Look 6936 I will be making my first Vogue dress!

I bought a Very Easy Vogue V8469 pattern last night from Spotlight (30% off storewide sale, woo hoo!) and this weekend there is 50% off paper patterns at Clegs!

For this dress, I will be making it with cotton sateen. I think I will keep it clean, no patterns, just one colour. I'm thinking navy. Or black with flecks of white through it (similar to below, but no spots).

Very Easy Vogue V8469 - A

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New Look 6936, Sewing Bias Binding

Week 5.

My Temporary Pin Cushion Till My Magnetic Pin Case Arrives!

Today was my fifth dressmaking class, but fourth week working on the New Look 6936 (first week I got measured and did some practice on my machine).

As mentioned in my last post, I was up to sewing the bias binding around the neck. The binding is suppose to neaten up the edges around the neck. It was quite easy to stitch in a straight line, it was a bit tricky around the curves, but I managed.


Binding (reverse side).

The stitching is a bit dodgy here, but I didn't bother unpicking it. Adds character :)

Bias Binding.

After I sewed the bias binding on to the collar, I put the skirt and the top together. At the moment it looks like a kimono! I am making a size 8, and it is huge!

Close up.
New Look 6936.

I tried the dress on at class, and with  a little elastic to gather in under the bust, it looks alright. When I wear this, I will be wearing it with a big belt. 

My dressmaking tutor keeps emphasizing that the style of this dress is loose and shapeless.

Next week I will be inserting the elastic under the bust and shortening the hem.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Welcome to Sew Me Love!

This year I decided to take a dressmaking class, and this blog is to share with you my creations.

As a beginner, I was given a list of easy patterns, and I chose this pattern. I am making the "B" style.

New Look 6936

I didn't know much about fabric when I started this class, so I picked the fabric based on the colours and design. I chose a polyester fabric, navy with flowers and butterflies on it. Initially I wanted to buy black with red rose design cotton sateen, but it was too expensive (first my first dress anyway).

Two meters of polyester. Got it for $2/meter!

I have been to 4 classes (have my fifth class tomorrow) and so far I have learnt how to trace and cut a pattern, understand different fabric, and learnt how to iron! 

Last week I had some fun with bias binding! 

Pinning the bias binding into place.

Tomorrow I will be sewing the binding on.
I'll let you know how I go!

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