Wednesday, 28 September 2011

V8469, Faced with facing & inter-facing

Week 10.


Today I *realized* a few things... "CUT 2" or "CUT 4" (on the pattern) etc means... that you need to cut 2 or 4 of that piece. Duh. I thought it was a "style of cutting"... such a dork! But I will remember forever what it means!

I started cutting out my pattern today on my fabric. The hardest task has to be deciding which way is "up". It is very important to cut the pieces out the correct direction... you don't want to end up with upside down writing or flowers on the dress!!

Also important to write on the interface the pattern details in the correct direction so it is easier to figure out which way is 'up'.

Before cutting out he pattern, the fabric needs to be folded in half with the selvage ends meeting.

The bodice front, skirt front and front waist band need to be cut on the 'centre fold'.

1.4m x 2.3m of cotton sateen.
The 'selvage' is the white edge on the left.

Pieces with a "grainline" marking need to be cut accurately, measured from the selvage to the grainline precisely.

Measurement from the selvage to the grainline needs to be exact from top to bottom.

NOTCHES! Don't forget to cut out your notches! Very, very important!

After all the pieces were cut out, I had to make the 'facing'. I will be ironing the whisperweft on to the facing pieces, which will be sewn around the neck.

Facing for the inter-facing.

Next week there is no class, the term has finished so I will be back in October! I am re-enrolling next term and will probably continue this class forever ;)

What started out as an impulsive decision has quickly turned into a hobby that I really enjoy. I look forward to the 2 hours every week that I get to spend with the girls at dressmaking class. Every one is so creative and have such great appreciation for fashion, fabrics and design.

Dressmaking and sewing requires patience and attention to detail - I don't have much patience for people, but I have plenty patience for this. It is an outlet for my OCD :P


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