Wednesday, 14 September 2011

V8469, Tracing & Cutting

Week 8.

Today was such a productive class! In 2 hours I managed to do so much! I guess I am super excited about finishing my New Look 6936 and moving on to the V8469. Adrenaline!!!

First up, I got shown how to hand stitch the hem. Blind stitch I think it's called. It was different to any hand stitching I had ever done because it was using single thread (instead of double).

Blind stitching by hand. Hello to my new friend the magnetic pin holder :)

I did a few stitches and left it to be completed at home in front of the TV. It's quite easy. I think the only time I attempted to blind stitch was when mum refused to shorten my summer school uniform dress, so I did it myself... it was a very messy job.

I went over my measurements for my pattern. Luckily I measured myself a month ago because I haven't been to gym in over 3 weeks and I think I may be a couple centimeters bigger at the moment :( 

It's a little depressing when referring to the sizing on the patterns and see that I'm an 8-12-10... all over the place! No vanity sizing here. So my bust is size 8, my waist is a *gasp* 12! My hips are size 10. As this skirt is an a-line, it won't matter too much, but I am horrified at my waist being a 12.

Tracing the pattern on to interface.

TIP: Placing a white sheet of paper under the pattern will make it easier to see!

So as mentioned, I am a mix between 3 sizes, so to make the dress fit my unique shape, it needs to be tweaked a little. My skirt will be a size 12 (the top of the skirt will need to accommodate my waist), bodice will be an 8, but the bottom of the bodice where the waist is will be a 12. To do this, I trace the top of the bodice as an 8 then diagonally connect it to the 12 at the waist. Confused? Hard to explain, easier to show.

Size 8/12 Bodice.

Front Bondice, Back Bondice, Sleeve, Elastic Guide,  Waist Band x 2, Tie.

It took me about 1.5 hours to trace and cut out 7 pieces of the pattern. All that is left for "home work" is to trace and cut the 2 pieces for the skirt, that will be easy-peasy.

So that's it for this week! By next Wednesday my New Look 6936 will be complete and I will upload a photo :)


  1. Looks like you're getting pretty good at this nee!

  2. I gave up cutting around notches a long time ago - too tedious for me! I want to share a different way to mark your notches:


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