Wednesday, 21 September 2011

V8469, Sewing Toile

Week 9.


In tonight's class I put together my toile. It should only take about 1 hour or less, but I had to get the tutor's help and had to wait for her to help other students.

Once I started constructing the toile, the instructions on the pattern made sense to me. 

Using a needle and thread, I marked the darts on the bodice back. I then join the two markings together, pin, then sew a straight line from bottom to top (must sew from bottom up otherwise the top will be pointy)

Marking the darts on bodice back using thread.

Create the dart and sew together.
REMEMBER: when sewing the dress together, darts towards the middle.

After the darts were stitched, I stitched the back and front bodice together at the shoulders. 
NOTE: Seam allowance 1.5cm.

The bodice front does not have darts, instead it is gathered. 

To create the gathering, I mark in the gather points using needle and thread, sew 2 lines of wide stitch from one point to the other (no back stitch and leave  excess thread on either end). 

Pin the bodice together with the waistband (be sure to make all the notches and gather the excess fabric by pulling on the loose threads. Secure the entire bodice and waistband with pins, stitch over the gathering to secure and to attach the waistband to the bodice.

Gathering of bodice front create by stitching on largest stitch with loose thread ends,
pulling threads to create  gathering.

Bodice front after gathering stitched in permanently.

That is the "hard" part over. Next was stitching the sides (under the arms) together, and that was it...! :)

I removed all the loose thread that was used to create the gathering and darts. Tidied the toile up.

Toile complete!
Close up front view of gathering under bust.

Calico toile fits perfect.

Tomorrow I will go shopping for a 22" invisible zipper and 30cm of whisperweft interface. The fabric I will be using is cotton sateen so I do not need lining.

Can't wait till next week when I cut out my dress on my beautiful fabric!!! Fabric needs to be washed in warm water first before cutting so it can shrink (if it needs to). Next week is my last class for the term and I have a one week break.

Till next week...


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