Monday, 12 September 2011

You are a Fabriholic if...

·         You buy fabric just because ‘it feels good’
·         You buy fabric without having any idea what it might be used for
·         You buy fabric without caring what it might be used for
·         You buy fabric and hope you never find a use for it
·         You like to ‘pet’ your fabric
·         You go to the supermarket for bread and milk but somehow end up at the fabric shop instead
·         You hide fabric under the groceries to smuggle into the house
·         You store fabric between the mattress and the box spring so certain people won’t ask awkward questions
·         You ask your relatives to leave you their stash in their will
·         You follow strangers in the street to get a closer look when you see something made in a particularly great fabric
·         You will not sell, donate or otherwise diminish your stash, no matter how much people nag you

I saw this at The Fabric Store yesterday afternoon when I was shopping for patterns.
I have to say that I am starting to show some of these signs...
  • I touch clothes and check the care label of everything
  • I ask everyone what fabric their new clothes are made of
  • I asked my dad to buy me few meters of fabric from overseas



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