Sunday, 30 October 2011

Finished Project & Pattern Review: Vogue 8469, Confetti Polyester.

(L-R) Very Easy Vogue 8469 - A dress I fell in love with (InStyle magazine) - My efforts to make something similar.

I had 3 hours sleep last night. I should actually say 3 hours sleep this morning, as I did not sleep till about 6:30am.

I was on a sewing high! I was determined to finish this dress cos I'm a very impatient person.

Continuing on from my last post... 

I got started at 6pm last night. The pattern was already traced and cut (using a previous pattern) so all I had to do was cut the fabric.

I finished the bodice around 11:30pm and was starving! I hadn't eaten since brunch! I ate some pizza the BF bought over and tried to watch a movie, but I couldn't keep still.

At 1am, I turned the sewing machine back on, got out the skirt, and stitch it together. Bodice and skirt were stitched together, then came the zipper! 

Zipper was so easy! I love my invisible zipper foot. Best $19 I have ever spent.

I finished all the raw edges with a zig zag stitch (don't have an overlocker, boo hoo), and pressed my dress about 20 times.  Before I started dressmaking, I had only used my iron about 4 times. Last night, I used it about 15 times... and another 15 times today! 

By 6am the dress was done, all that was left was the arm holes and the hem. I tried the dress on and was disapointed that it was loose around the midriff and the bust. According to Vogue measurements, my bust is an 8, waist 12, hips 10 or 12, and I had blended the sizes together so I think it might just be how the dress is meant to fit. I have checked Pattern Review and everyone's version seems to be kinda loose around the midriff as well.

Went to sleep at 6:30am, woke up at 9:30am. Still feeling inspired, I tried to dress and made some adjustments. I took the bodice in by 2". Skirt waist stayed the same. I finished the arm holes and finished the hem of the skirt with a blind stitch. I took about 8.5" off the length of the skirt in original pattern.

By 1pm I finished. 15 hours :)

Thank you again to Amber, my Twitter buddy, for giving me a heads up on where to get the fabric... xo!
Thank you to BF for bringing me food and putting up with me ignoring him while I was sewing last night :)
Thanks Google for showing my photos on the search results for V8469 :)

Pattern Review: Very Easy Vogue V8469

Total cost of this dress: $18
  • 1.7 meters polyester: $8.50,
  • Invisible zipper 22" (natural): $4,
  • Gutermann thread (169): $5,
  • Elastic: $0.50c, 
  • Whisperweft: leftover from other dress,
  • V8469 pattern - reused pattern from my little stash: $0! 

Pattern modifications:
  • Took in 2" at the midriff and bust (used size 8 bust, size 12 midriff pattern pieces),
  • Took up skirt by 8.5",
  • Didn't make the tie,
  • Didn't line the dress, made facings instead.

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All in a day's work... WIP.

I love Twitter.

Thanks to one of my favorite tweeps, who is a fashion student, I got this awesome confetti-like polyester.

She uploaded a photo of the fabric and I knew immediately that I had to have it. I went to Brunswick Fabrics today and found it in the window and bought some to make a dress. My favorite tweep told me to use cream-like colour thread and zipper. Thank you Amber :)

Brunswick Fabrics: $5/m polyester.

I couldn't wait to make something with my new fabric so I decided to make another V8469, which is the dress I am currently working on at dressmaking class in the black and rose print cotton sateen.

The polyester is slippery (this polyester is softer than the polyester I used for my first dress), I found it a bit difficult to cut the fabric, but 5 hours later I finished the bodice. 

The sleeves, bust gathering and darts turned out perfect the first go! I'm so happy I didn't have the same issues with the sleeve again.

I probably should have lined this dress, but I didn't buy any lining, so I made facings and did everything the same as the cotton sateen version.

I need help to finish the arm hole... gotta wait till next class...

V8469 Bodice.
Tomorrow I will stitch the skirt, then after next week's class, after I finish the arm holes, I'll finish it off and put the zipper on. I made a bow out of left over fabric, so cute. 

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Friday, 28 October 2011

V8469, Facing

It's been a whole week since I've blogged.
Haven't done any sewing in between classes unfortunately :(
In Wednesday's 2 hour class I spent most of my time unpicking one of the sleeves and re stitching it. Looks much better now.
Facing stitched on.
Bodice is starting to come together and feeling in shape.
This weekend I will explore the fabric shops on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. One of my Twitter buddies got some gorgeous colorful confetti-look polyester. I would love to get something like that! I love confetti!
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Friday, 14 October 2011

B5455, Emerald green I want for you!

Taylor Swift, Rose McGowan
(images from Google)

This is the color I want for my B5455 dress. Emerald green skirt, ivory bodice. I think I will ditch the hot pink midriff and have the midriff ivory as well... this color blocking trend probably won't be around forever so I will keep the color combo simple. I will make a hot pink belt and wear it when necessary.

I will be using Satin Back Crepe.

Note to self: I need to buy gold heels ASAP.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

My growing pattern and fabric obsession

I had some dramas at Spotlight today while pattern shopping... almost cried lol!

I had already sussed out the patterns that I was going to buy during their 2-for-1 pattern sale - M6201 and M5850. 

Tutor said that the fabric for M5850 would be hard for me, but decided that I'll buy it anyway since there was a sale. So, went to Spotlight, and they didn't have my size for the M5850! I didn't mind, since I didn't really like that pattern anyway, so back to the pattern books I went... found another pattern, looked up the pattern review on my iphone... went to the counter... and they didn't have my size AGAIN! 

I was starting to stress out! I was at Spotlight for over an hour!   

Finally I found the Butterick pattern, I initially didn't want it because I thought that it was similar fit to my other pattern, but now I see that the two dresses are not similar at all! :)

I got them at an awesome price! The patterns are $22 each, total $44. It was 2-for-1 so it came down to $22, less the 10% VIP discount, less the $5 VIP voucher I got in the mail... and total was $14!!

$14!! for two patterns! *happy face* !!

I was watching Beauty and the Geek (Au) and Dolly was wearing an amazing dress during the elimination, it had an ivory bodice, pink midriff and emerald green skirt. It was v neck and fitted skirt. LOVE IT. I am going to make the Butterick dress using the same colour combo. EXCITED! When I can find a photo of her, I'll upload it.

I have decided to make the Buttterick dress next (instead of M6201), I'll save the McCall's dress for my friends wedding later in the year... with a dark evening colour for the dress.

Thinking about colors for them... I am starting to fall in love!

I promise myself that I will not buy anymore patterns... I still have the Vintage Vogue dresses to make. Now there is four more patterns in my to-do list. I do love buying patterns though... there is something addictive about touching the crisp envelope for the first time <3 But I will stop. Unless there is a crazy sale.

My pattern collection so far (started in July 2011 to October 2011)
B5455,  M6201, New Look 6936,
V8469, V2961, V2960.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

V8469, Bodice and Facing

First class after holidays...

Today I cut out the whisperweft, ironed the glue side on to the facing, stitched the darts, gathering and bodice shoulders. I was confident because we had already gone through this when making the toile.


I spoke to my tutor about my next dresses that I want to make: M6201 and M5850.
Was abit ambitious thinking I could get a dress together for the January engagement, but I don't think that will happen. Tutor says I can make the 6201 with satin back crepe because it is easy for beginners, but still has the look of satin which is what I am after.

I'll buy the 5850 pattern anyway since it's a 2-4-1 sale. 

See below for the photo from Pattern Review for 6201, its a beautiful dress!!!! Then tonight I saw a Forever New dress that looks easy to make! 

Can't wait!

Forever New ad in Vogue magazine.

McCall's 6201 - Photo courtesy of Pattern Review member : review.

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Video Tutorial: The Invisible Zipper

I found these video tutorials which are quite helpful.

I need to got buy an invisible zipper foot.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

'Bagging' Tutorial: How to sew lining in sleeveless dress bodice.

The first time I attempted to line a sleeveless dress myself, I did so following this great tutorial by The Slapdash Sewist.

I have been using this technique for ever and it is a very easy way to achieve a clean machine finish - no handsewing at all! 

Here are some photos I took while I was lining my dress and an attempt at a tutorial.

1) Start by sewing the dress fabric bodice together as per pattern instructions, joining the back and front bodice by the shoulder only. Do not sew the side seams on dress fabric.

2) Sew the lining of the bodice the same way. Do not sew the side seams on lining.

3) Join the dress fabric and lining together at the neck whole and arm holes, making sure the RIGHT sides of the fabric are facing together. See pic below.

Pin the dress fabric and lining together at the neck whole and arm holes. Do not pin the sides!

4) Sew the dress fabric and lining together as pinned. Trim off your seam allowance and clip your curves!!

5) Reverse the bodice to the right side by pulling the two back bodice pieces through the shoulders.

Pulling the two back bodice pieces through the shoulders.
Bodice is now reversed and seams are now on the inside.
Bodice should look like this, with the neck and arm circles sewed up but side seams still open. 
Now is a good time to understitch!

6) Now we pin the side sides. Pin the 'back' and front' bodice dress fabric together and do the same for the lining. After you pin the seams, you should be able to flip the dress fabric over the lining and the seams should be in between the two fabrics.

After pinning, stitch down the side seams.
After you pin/sew the seams, you should be able to flip the dress fabric over the lining and the seams should be in between the two fabrics. Arm hole should be joined now.
Clean machine... 
Completed dress blogged here!

Here is a list of other online tutorials and helpful information that I have come across during my sewing adventure:

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