Thursday, 13 October 2011

My growing pattern and fabric obsession

I had some dramas at Spotlight today while pattern shopping... almost cried lol!

I had already sussed out the patterns that I was going to buy during their 2-for-1 pattern sale - M6201 and M5850. 

Tutor said that the fabric for M5850 would be hard for me, but decided that I'll buy it anyway since there was a sale. So, went to Spotlight, and they didn't have my size for the M5850! I didn't mind, since I didn't really like that pattern anyway, so back to the pattern books I went... found another pattern, looked up the pattern review on my iphone... went to the counter... and they didn't have my size AGAIN! 

I was starting to stress out! I was at Spotlight for over an hour!   

Finally I found the Butterick pattern, I initially didn't want it because I thought that it was similar fit to my other pattern, but now I see that the two dresses are not similar at all! :)

I got them at an awesome price! The patterns are $22 each, total $44. It was 2-for-1 so it came down to $22, less the 10% VIP discount, less the $5 VIP voucher I got in the mail... and total was $14!!

$14!! for two patterns! *happy face* !!

I was watching Beauty and the Geek (Au) and Dolly was wearing an amazing dress during the elimination, it had an ivory bodice, pink midriff and emerald green skirt. It was v neck and fitted skirt. LOVE IT. I am going to make the Butterick dress using the same colour combo. EXCITED! When I can find a photo of her, I'll upload it.

I have decided to make the Buttterick dress next (instead of M6201), I'll save the McCall's dress for my friends wedding later in the year... with a dark evening colour for the dress.

Thinking about colors for them... I am starting to fall in love!

I promise myself that I will not buy anymore patterns... I still have the Vintage Vogue dresses to make. Now there is four more patterns in my to-do list. I do love buying patterns though... there is something addictive about touching the crisp envelope for the first time <3 But I will stop. Unless there is a crazy sale.

My pattern collection so far (started in July 2011 to October 2011)
B5455,  M6201, New Look 6936,
V8469, V2961, V2960.


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