Monday, 28 November 2011

Finished Project: 'Black & Wine' lace trim dress.

Usually I only write about sewing and things related to sewing, but I thought I would share with you some highlights of my Sunday, since it was quite an awesome one :)
My little sister came back from Gold Coast today and she got me the most beautiful present!!
Thanks J, I love it! I accidentally set it to QLD time though, haha.

I won an eBay auction for a blanket box! I've been obsessing over them for a couple of weeks now. I won it for $62. It is pine. Picked it up this afternoon from the seller's parents place, and the parents were lovely! Had a little conversation with them and they made me smile all the way home. Funny how strangers can do that to you.

For my blankets... 
I finally upgraded to an "adult" ironing board. I took advantage of the $40 VIP Voucher from Spotlight and spent $100 to get $40 off. I bought the ironing board, static spray, interface, Gutermann, lace, poplin, satin back crepe, pinking shears, couple of zippers... that's all I can remember at the top of my head, but wow do those little things add up! After the discount, the total was $66. Bargain! Virtually got the ironing board for free! So happy! The ironing board is set up in my lounge room next to my dinner/sewing table. I need to get a bigger house.

Last night I drew up a pattern for a new dress. I thought I'd try to DIY a pattern and combine all my favorite features in my dress. I finished the dress tonight. All up it took about 6 hours give or take...
  • 1 hour to draw and cut out pattern (4am to 5am last night),
  • 20 mins to cut out fabric (this afternoon),
  • 4 hours to sew the dress together, including lining and hem, lace trim (9pm to 1:30am).
You might have noticed that I am becoming quite nocturnal! 

I'm so happy with the style and colour of this dress I made, but of course as a beginner I still have things to improve on. I still haven't been "tutored" on how to insert a zipper, but I have made dresses and skirts with zippers already. Most of the time they are good, sometimes improvement is needed. On this particular dress, I'm happy with it, but I might fix the zip at a later stage. I experimented with my pinking shears today, I used them to trim in inside of the bodice, it works well on poplin/cotton, not too sure about the satin back crepe.

Favorite features of my dress:
  • exposed zipper
  • lace trim
  • low cut back
  • and of course the color.. I'm calling the color of the skirt 'port wine'. 
Exposed gold zipper.
Low cut back.
Box pleats.
Lace trim on the hem.
Looks beautiful, and I can finish the hem on the machine too.
Gathering under the bust.
I'm starting to really appreciate this flattering feature on my dresses.
Pattern: My own DIY
Fabric: 1.1 meter stretch poplin, black (bodice and bodice lining) $10.95, 50cm satin back crepe, wine (skirt)$6.48
Notions: Jean zip 8" (black) $2.49, Gutermann thread (used '000' which I already have, but I also bought '910' to match skirt fabric) $2.68, 1.0 lace trim $1.99. 

That's the original price of all the items, but I got a VIP discount voucher, so total was $16.39 after discount.
I have to point out how much the fabric and notions cost, because I think this is the cheapest, yet most beautiful dress I've made so far (I think I say that about every single finished project).


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