Monday, 7 November 2011

Terms and Definitions

I was given a quick reference guide when I started dressmaking class.
Typing this out will help me remember the definitions.
Hope other beginners find this helpful :)

Backtacking - Reverse sewing at the beginning or end of a seam for reinforcement.

Bagging -  A method of joining facings and linings to the outer fabric of a garment by sewing them together face to face in the form of a bag and then turning the garment to the right side.

Balance Marks - Notches, nicks, thread in garment parts which help to preserve the balance of the garment by serving as guides during assembly.

Bar Tacking - A reinforcement by means of repeated stitching used in clothing at points of strain e.g. belt loops, zips, pocket corners, buttonholes, etc.

Bias - An oblique direction to warp and weft. The true bias is at an angle of 45┬║ from both warp and weft.

Blind Stitch - A stitch either by hand or machine which does not go right through the fabric.

Bobbin Thread - Thread wound onto the bobbin in the base of the machine.

Buttonhole -  The hole through which a button is passed to hold the garment in the correct position. 

Facing - Inner layer of fabric in a garment.

Interfacing - Layer of fabric inserted between the inner and outer fabrics. Fusible interfacing adheres with heat and pressure.

Knit (Interlock) - Non woven fabric designed to stretch and constructed by plain and purl stitches, e.g. t-shirt fabric, track suiting etc.

Nap - Directional fabric in pile or pattern, e.g. velvet, corduroy, etc.

Notions - Items required to finish the garment, e.g. thread, elastic, zip, lace, etc.

Overlock - Machine method of neatening raw edges. Also known as serge.

Selvedge (Selvage) - the self-edge - the sides which do not fray.

Serge - See overlock.

Spool - Thread at the top of machine.

Weave -  Weft and warp threads woven together to make fabric.


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