Thursday, 15 December 2011

B5455, Lining and Darts

The last dressmaking class of 2011. Sad face. What am I going to do for the next 5 weeks? Still sew, probably. 

Last night, I sewed my sister's poplin version of the B5455. It turned out beautiful and fits great on my sister! It took about 6 hours (give or take) to sew and finish the zipper and hem. I'm not happy with the machine finished hem so I've unpicked it, and will be finishing the hem by hand. Photos and review to come once I get a photo of my sister wearing it. 

In tonight's class, I cut all the pieces in lining out. Sunsilky lining. So nice and slippery! Can imagine it will feel so nice against my skin!!

Bodice front, Bodice back, Midriff, Skirt front, Skirt back, Pocket. 

I am using whisperweft interfacing on the neck. I ironed the interfacing onto the lining, and unfortunately stuffed up one of the back bodice piece! The piece s t r e t c h e d! Luckily, I had some leftover sunsilky and whisperweft to cut the piece out again. Phew.

Note to self, polyester will s t r e t c h !

Bodice back, bodice front, midriff, with interfacing.

I then marked all the markings for the darts on the front bodice. Very time consuming. 

TIP: Use thread that is easy to see! As you can (clearly) see, I am using orange thread.

I use a pin to help me line up the points where the markings meet. Once again, time consuming, but the end result is gorgeous. This has to be my favourite neckline so far.

Front and back of pinned darts.

How pretty!!!

Next I will stitch the darts. I will do this while I am on break. By the end of this, I should be pro at stitching darts! My tutor let me borrow her Clover chalk pen... wow... it is the BEST!!! It's going on my Christmas present list!!!

Clover chalk pen!!!


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