Thursday, 1 December 2011

Finished Project & Pattern Review: Vogue 8469, Floral Fantasy.

Last night I completed my floral fantasy V8469. Finally! I think it has taken about 8 classes (aka 16 hours!!). My tutor was just as eager as me to finish it so I could wear it to the Christmas party.

In last nights class, I put the zipper on, a long 55cm invisible zipper. I thought I would have issues for sure... 55cm is more than half a meter that I could potentially stuff up! Luckily, it all went swimmingly. 

The seam allowance was 1.5cm but I gave it 2cm seam allowance, as per tutor's fitting instructions. I basted the zipper with the machine and used my invisible zipper foot to stitch the zipper. 

I finished the back seams on the machine. 

Last week I already cut off the excess length (15cm). Last night I cut another 2cm off, serged, turned up 3cm to hem. This time my tutor let me finish the hem on the machine! What a luxury! "Just this once" she said. I got to use the twin needle function. Didn't even know it existed. 

Finishing the hem using twin needles.
I finished the hem line at home, hand stitched the gap in the back seam where it meets the zipper and hand stitched the facing.

I gave it a quick wash and tumble dry and iron.

Hand stitching.
I was suppose to wear this dress to my Christmas party tomorrow night, but last Sunday I made a back up dress (Black & Wine dress) so I decided to wear this dress tonight to an event at Melbourne Museum called Cross Species Wilderness Adventure for the Palate.

Pattern Review: Very Easy Vogue V8469

Size: 8
Fabric: 2.3 meters cotton sateen $41 
Notions: Invisible zip 22" (black) $5, Gutermann thread (000). 
    • No lining, made facings instead
    • 2cm seam allowance instead of 1.5cm (back seams) 
    • Skirt pieces shortened by 17cm 
    • 3cm hem (instead of 3.2cm)
    • Ties same length on both sides so I have options to tie at the back of front side.

V8469, Floral Fantasy.


  1. Hello!
    I just got my first sewing machine this week, and have made a bag and most of a skirt so far (just the waistband/interfacing to go...). Anyway, the next thing I want to try is V8469, and I found your reviews on, and through that your blog.
    I hope mine turns out as well as yours look! And if you have any tips for someone without a mentor or teacher, I'd love to hear them!

  2. @mellyn Hi Melanie, if you are a beginner like myself, I suggest you make the sleeveless option (view B) of the dress. The sleeves took me 3 classes (aka 6 hours) to get perfect. I blogged most of my progress with the V8469, if you filter using 'V8469' you can see all my posts and tips :) Can't wait to see your V8469!

  3. I don't know how I missed seeing this dress before, but I saw it on your most recent blog post and I loved it! Those huge red flowers really make it spectacular!


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