Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2011 Christmas Gifts!

The first of my Christmas presents for 2011. Actually, probably the only gifts I will get this year, I've told everyone not to worry about buying me presents. There's nothing that I really need. But I do want books on dresses and vintage fashion. Hehe.

I went to my friend's house for dinner, she is the girl I met this year at dressmaking class. She is adorable, she invited me over for dinner and gave me presents! Except the book, I'm just borrowing that.

We hung out in her sewing room and went through her massive fabric stash. Wow. She has storage container after storage container of fabric! And so many patterns!!! She has an awesome collection. Then we had lasagna for dinner. My favourite :)

When I got home, I finished the zipper on my 'champagne and emerald' cocktail dress. I still need to figure out the best way to finish the hem... the fabric is delusted satin, and the skirt circumference is over 2 meters (half circle skirt)! Not sure if I should handstitch it or finish it on the machine. The dress will be (!!) finished by Christmas... I will be wearing it in January 2012 to a wedding. Can't wait till it is complete so I can upload all my pics!! 

Clover chalk pen, 2m cotton sateen (green... jade).



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