Monday, 5 December 2011

Finished Project: LBD - inspired by Audrey Hepburn.

My dress, inspired my Audrey Hepburn's many beautiful LBDs. Her style is so graceful. Classy. I like her era.

My LBD took 5 hours to cut and sew. Using my existing DIY pattern, I made a few adjustments in the shoulders because the last dress I made with that pattern (Black & Wine) was a little bit loose on the shoulders. I also added in seam pockets, and made the pleats more defined.

Pattern pieces.
Modified V8469 bodice.
I made this dress on Saturday night, starting at 11:30PM, I started cutting. I stitched the skirt and pockets first, because they take the least time. Then the darts on the bodice pieces (4, including lining) and gathering on front bodice. The bodice takes the longest because there is the dress fabric and the lining. Two times every step.

I used the clean machine finish technique to sew the lining. 

I stitched the front bodice and front midriff pieces together, the 2 back bodice pieces and 2 back midriff pieces together the joined the front and back at the shoulders (dress fabric, and lining).

I then stitched the dress fabric and the lining together at the neckline and arm holes. I did not sew the side seam (need to leave the seam allowance) and of course left the bottom (where the midriff meets the skirt) open so I can reverse the bodice out. Bagging

Then the skirt was stitched on, zipper (exposed zipper again!), and hemming. I finished this dress at 4:30AM. 

This dress was a delight to make. I really love it and cannot wait to wear it.



  1. Holy cow! That's gorgeous, it came out really great. I found your project on Burdastyle (I just posted about mine there, too! Similar techniques, but I think yours is more pulled together :). Great work!

    1. Thanks Britty! I saw your dress on Burda style as well. I love it. Very cute!!!! I want to make another one, but without the lace, maybe longer hem, for work :)

  2. This one came out great. I may try to start sewing again. Thanks!


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