Monday, 23 January 2012

B5455, Back to School!

B5455, Cotton/Lycra fabric from Vietnam.
Back to class tomorrow!!!
I've been procrastinating sooooo much with this dress!! I left the darts right till the last day.
I haven't sewed for 2 weeks, that's the longest I have gone without sewing since I started.

I'm not as excited about finishing this dress because I know it will be big on me. I cut a size 8-12-8. On top of that, the material has stretch. Sigh.

The fabric is quite nice, I think it's cotton/lycra. My dad brought it back from Vietnam for me. I love the print. It is so easy to sew with. Very crisp. But soft.

On to something exciting, the vintage Simplicity 3965 that I have been coveting has found it's way to me!! A lovely lady on Etsy found my blog when she was googling for the pattern information and she then emailed me to let me know she was selling it on Etsy. It will arrive in Australia in 2-3 weeks. Exciting!!!

Simplicity 3965

There was a huge fabric sale on at The Fabric Store (30%-60% off!!) but I didn't get a chance to stop by. I did visit GJ Fabrics last weekend though, I got some very beautiful hot pink poplin satin (?)!! And some stretch satin in ivory (same fabric as my sister's violet dress). I have over 2 meters of each fabric, so I am hoping to make my vintage dresses with these fabrics.

I am hoping to finish my B5455 in the next 4 classes... so I can get started on my vintage dresses. Yay!

So apart from sewing, I've been busy with work, gym, family birthdays, Lunar New Year - which was yesterday - and planning mini holidays! My boyfriend, his friend, his girlfriend and I are going to Phillip Island in February for the weekend. Phillip Island is 2.5 hours from my home. Praying for hot weather so we can laze on the beach. We will also visit the penguin parade and other nature parks. Summer has finally arrived in Melbourne.

Looking back at my Facebook photo album for this summer, I am so proud that I have worn heaps of my handmade dresses. I wore my V8469 at a museum event, my Red & Wine dress at my Christmas party, my Lacy LBD for dinner with friends, my cobalt mini skirt for NYE, M5845 burnt orange minidress for afternoon drinks, and last Friday my emerald cocktail dress to a wedding. 

Red & Wine dress at my work Xmas Party.
A Sunday in the sun.
Burnt orange dress and my free orange promotional sunnies :)
With my BF's father :) wearing my B5455 with half circle skirt.
Well, that's all I have to share tonight, I'll blog once I make more progress on my B5455 or once I start my reversible dress. for some reason, I am lacking motivation! Must be the 35°C (95°F) heat.



  1. wow, you've made so many dresses. What a great blog. Thanks for dropping by Forgotten Fancies.

  2. Great dresses (my favorite is the orange one) and so lovely pictures! Looks so sunny and hot, while in Riga I have exactly -6 degrees (brrr).

    P.S. and (besides the dresses) you HAIR is just perfect!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments :)
      I just visited your blog, and I love your style!!! So great that we both started sewing last year. I have to say it is a very rewarding hobby!!
      I love creme caramel and i LOVE pasta, hehe. You have made some nice garments too!!! Love the jacket:)


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