Thursday, 23 February 2012

A full week.


Ever since coming back from Phillip Island, I have been so busy! With what? I have no idea!! I haven't been going gym or even doing body balance at home, haven't gone to any events, so I'm not sure where my time has gone.

I've been planning my sister's 18th birthday celebration. Nothing big, I'm just planning a day for the two of us to go into the city, have high tea at Hotel Windsor, maybe see a movie (we want to see The Vow together since no one else will watch it with us), and maybe have some cocktails. YAY.

What I am most excited about is what I plan for us to wear. I made us semi matching dresses. I have used the M5845 bodice yet again. I love that bodice and I have perfected the fit for both my sister and I. I lowered the neck and raised the back so we don't have to go bra-less anymore. Hurrah! I made full skirts for both, mine is a full circle skirt, my sister's is a big skirt, made with two rectangular pieces measuring 1.2m x 55cm, gathered at the waist. I also ordered petticoats for us to wear under our dresses. I don't know much about petticoats, but I now these aren't the "traditional" ones from the 50s. These ones are more like "costumes", but they do the job and are the right length. I also have another surprise for my sister, but I won't blog about it because she reads my blog :) I have posted a couple of photos already on Twitter, but I have used Instagram filters to change the color so she won't know what color it is or how it looks on her until Saturday. We had a fitting today, and I blind folded her, haha. I love my sister, she's the only other person I will sew for.


My sister's dress.
Un-ironed and un-hemmed.

My dress.

Upskirt shot of the lace I added on the lining.
These dresses didn't take too long to make,  a couple of hours over 2-3 days. I can make the bodice with my eyes half shut... they sometimes are when I am up sewing at 3am. My sister's dress still needs to be hemmed. My dress is completely finished, but I think I will make the skirt longer. I tried it on with my faux-petticoat, and the skirt shorter than what I wanted it to be. I might use bias binding on the hem. It is so tricky to hem a full circle, mine is lumpy in some places and the girl at Clegs suggested bias binding. Now I need 5 meters of it.

Apart from these two dresses, I am still working on the B5455 at sewing class. Had some issues with the fit, damn BMV corrupt sizing, grr! Hopefully my sewing teacher will be satifsied with the fit and I can finish it off during next week's class.

B5455, still in progress.
I also un-picked my back seam and zipper on my "Squiggle" dress today. I want to be able to wear it comfortably, and lately I have been eating too much sweets and carbs, been lazy with exercise... I love that dress too much, I don't want the seams to burst when I'm out at dinner.

In other news, I am moving offices tomorrow. The most devastating thing about this move is (apart from leaving the yummy cafes in Degraves St behind, and the bagels at Glicks, and Sushi Monger...), I will no longer be next to Clegs or Lincraft. What will do on on my lunch-breaks now? Cries.

Other major news: (some people thought it was major, I thought it wasn't that much of a big deal) I deactivated my Facebook! When I sent out a text message to close friends and family, I got almost the same response from everyone... "But, whyyyyyyy???? What happened????"  Um, since when was not having Facebook such big deal!! It's been two days. I feel liberated! I was getting fed up with people feigning interest in other peoples' mundane status updates... attention seeking check ins... self photos taken in public rest rooms... if I do choose to reactivate it, I will be deleting a lot of people, and only keeping the ones that matter. Rant over.

I'll post again after my sister and I celebrate her birthday, we will be sure to take plenty of photos of us wearing our semi-matching dresses and faux-petticoats. I hope you all have a great weekend. x

Ta ta for now!


  1. Dresses look fabulous as usual. Funny about FB I was thinking of doing the same, just getting bored with it. But I have a lot of old friends on there so it's nice hearing what they are up to. I think you can set up facebook whereby no-one is able to find you if they searched.

    1. Hey Tina! Thanks :)
      RE Facebook, yeah I had myself unsearchable before so that I couldn't be searched, it was the existing "friends" that were annoying me LOL. Not all of them of course, just a few. And yeah, Facebook isn't as entertaining now that I am on Twitter and reading hundreds of blogs everyday. Don't have time for it anymore :)

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting :) All your dresses look so good! I haven't taken a sewing class at all - would you recommend it? I've definitely been toying with the idea of enrolling in a class...

    1. Hey Kelly, if you buy patterns, they are quite easy to follow, but it might help to do a short course, just so you can understand the dress sewing terms etc. I'm enrolled at a community centre, and the courses go for 10 weeks. I keep reenrolling because I enjoy it so much. It gives me motivation and it's also quite social

  3. Thanks for the advice - I'll have to look into classes :)

  4. Gaah your dresses look SO GOOD. I'm seriously jealous you are taking a class, I wish there were some where I live (I've looked, there's nothing booooooo). Congrats on making such great works of wearable art :)

    1. Thanks Britty, you are doing quite well for someone who has never taken a class!! That low back dress u made was pretty neat :)


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