Friday, 3 February 2012

My new babies...


I've had a fun couple of days!! Wednesday I went shopping and bought my new iron! I love it. I'm a bit broke this fortnight (damn credit card repayments), so I have been cutting back this fortnight with my sewing purchases. Yesterday my mum gave me some money she owed me for paying a bill for her... instead of saving it for the weekend or buying food with it, I went to the Spotlight store in South Melbourne. On the way there, I saw this...


What is a "Spotlight Support Group"??? Is it like an AA for fabric fiends like myself? 

Anyway, this Spotlight is h u g e !!!! I went there to look for a nice white cotton sateen with red/pink florals, but I didn't find anything like that. There were soooo many bolts of fabric, I was overwhelmed and didn't have the energy to go through them all. I wandered around and ended up at "specials" table and I was in heaven!! I always hear of people that find spectacular fabrics on sale for a ridiculously cheap price... and I'm finally one of those people!!! Look at what I got!!

2m "Nocturn" Cotton Sateen, 122cm.

1.2m "Magenta Squiggle" Cotton Sateen, 122cm.

4m "Bloom Monet" Cotton Sateen, 122cm.

All up, it was $28. $28!!!! I've already got projects in mind for each of them. The "Bloom Monet" will be for one of my vintage dresses with the full skirt. Those patterns need 3-4m of fabric, and I didn't really want to fork out $50 on fabric for a "fantasy" dress that I won't get much wear out of. The "Nocturn" will be for a dress with a full circle skirt with pleats. I hope 2m will be enough. Lastly, the "Magenta Squiggle" is already in-progress! I'm making another M5845 , fully lined and with pockets! I cut the pieces out tonight already!! I'm making a size 6 top, graded to a size 8 waist, size 6 hips. 

For the first time, I washed, dried and ironed all my new fabrics before putting them away...

My new Sunbeam iron. Love.

... well,  except the 4m one!!

4m of fabric to practice ironing on!

Tomorrow night, BF is going out to a function, so I have a free night to sew my "Squiggle" M5845 while watching Sailor Moon! I loved that show when I was a kid. I watched a few episodes tonight, and I feel so nostalgic for my childhood. Can't wait for my Sailor Moon sewing night.

"Moon, tiara, magic!"




  1. Haaahaha it does sound like an AA meeting, hey?! Spotlight Support is who we email/contact when we can't get hold of our store managers :)

    1. Ahhhh I see :) I also drove past a Spotlight distribution centre in Laverton on my way to visit my parents (roadworks detour) - OMG I was tempted to hijack a truck :)


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