Thursday, 15 March 2012

Finished Project: "But, Peter, how do we get to Never Land?" "Fly, of course."

'Peter Pan' collar mission complete! 

I am very happy with the result. I wanted to finish the dress by Thursday so I could wear it, but at the same time I promised to take care and take my time. No pressure, no stress. I put the radio on each night and sang along to the nation’s top 30 songs while sewing. I think I am now a One Direction fan.

The perks of living alone and no longer having a gym membership - I finished the dress over three nights. Because I don’t have a live-in BF, pets, kids, or Facebook (haha), I can sew for hours without any interruption. The best. What did I do before sewing????

Day 1: Went to Spotlight to look for a Horn sewing cabinet – came home with fabric instead. Traced pattern, cut fabric, sewed bodice and skirt.
I used the V8469 bodice without the sleeves, and added Peter Pan collars. I followed Gertie’s online tutorial to draft the collar. I put iron-on interfacing on the midriff lining pieces. I stay-stitched every single curvy bit on the bodice. I PFF’d (press flat first). Day 1 blog post here.

Day 2: Cut lining, sewed bodice lining and skirt lining, sewed everything together, bagged the bodice, inserted invisible zip and sewed lining and dress together. Zig zagged my hems. When joining the bodice and lining together, I took great care to make sure the seams matched up. I even unpicked one side because it was a couple of millimetres off. I hate unpicking, but I wanted to finish the dress knowing I put in 100% effort. Now, to the invisible zipper: this time I was awake and alert and I still buggered up the zipper! I only sewed a couple of centimetres and I could see the invisible zipper foot was not doing it’s job. It was malfunctioning!! I used my regular zipper foot instead. It was soooo much better. I had more control over where the needle was going and could see if the zipper was rolled out enough. I’m quite happy with the zipper job.

Day 3: Hemming. I used the twin needle on my machine to finish the hem on the dress.

Sorry, the red is soooo hard to photograph. If I had natural light, it might turn out better.

V8469 bodice with Peter Pan collars and full gathered skirt.
Outside, premium cotton sateen.

V8469 bodice with Peter Pan collars and full gathered skirt.
Inside, sunsilky lining.
I am really addicted to lining. I love how it looks and feels. Sometimes I spend more money on the lining than I do on the dress fabric! I love how it hides all the seam allowances inside and all my ugly backstitching. Maybe when I learn how to operate my overlocker, I won’t be too bothered by seam allowances and can go back to making unlined dresses.

Pattern: V8469 bodice, drafted own collars and own skirt.
Size: Size 6 bodice, graded to size 8 waist.
Skirt info: 
    • Length 50cm (54.5cm with 3cm hem and 1.5cm SA)
    • Skirt width 2.4.m
    • I cut the 2 pieces on the centre fold (60cm wide, from centre to selvege, length 54.5cm). I cut 1 of the pieces in half to make the back of the skirt (needs a back seam)
Fabric: 1.8m premium cotton sateen (red), 1.8m sunsilky lining (red), 0.7m whisperweft interfacing.
Notions: Invisible zipper (hot red) 24", Gutermann thread (156).
    • added Peter Pan collars,
    • replaced skirt with full gathered skirt.
Time: About 13 hours, over 3 days.
Total cost: $25 - thanks 30% off sale - (fabric, lining, zip), pattern, whisperweft interfacing, thread from my stash.

TIPS for next time: 
  • Maybe make the skirt less wide. 2m wide might be enough,
  • Use regular zipper foot for the invisible zip - the invisible zipper foot is... broken.
New techniques learned: 

"... pop ya collar, don't let 'em sweat ya ..." - Usher
V8469 bodice with Peter Pan collars, upclose.
Collars, bust gathering, zipper, twin needle on the hemline.
Weekly dressmaking class: In this week’s class, I started tracing my Simplicity 3222 vintage pattern, cut up calico to make a toile/muslin. I’ll sew the toile up during the week. I hope it fits! It’s a size 10, so will fit my waist, just hoping I have enough up top to fill out the bodice! I am very exciting to be sewing with an actual vintage pattern, the paper is so crispy J

Tonight, I'm off to pick up my Horn sewing cabinet. Very excited about that!! My overlocker and sewing machine will now have home-sweet-home..


  1. The dress looks great. I LOVE your shoes!!

  2. oh it's gorgeous! And it looks even better on you than the dress form. I love the look of the gathers you got at the waist. Lovely!

  3. The dress and colour look lovely on you.

  4. Hi Neeno! I nominated you for the Liebster blog award :) Check out the nomination here:

  5. so cute!! I really love the collar you drafted and the red color is amazing!

  6. Congratulations!!! You look awesome, the dress is "hot" red and you wear it well!!!....Love the shoes too, a great combo....


  7. Wow this looks amazing and its so great how you've adapted the pattern so much! I love how you've done the skirt! Perhaps you could do a tutorial on how you did it? Looks fabulous and I love your shoes!! XxxX

  8. I think it's the best thing (yet) that you have made :) Looks very accurately done. Everything about it (color, skirt part, collar) is just STUNNING!

  9. Thank you to all you guys: Christina, Poppy, Tina, Kelly, Sue, Risa, Candice, Rose and Handicrafteria!! Waking up and seeing all your comments makes my day. It is so rewarding to get these kind and encouraging comments. It means a lot to me xo

  10. Your drafted collar was a nice touch! This dress is so cute! Love the blue shoes paired with it too.

    1. I love glitter heels, obsessed. I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to glitter heels hehehe

  11. Super cute with the collar! And again, marvelous insides. Gosh, I need to stop marveling and just start doing. I like the fullness of the skirt; whenever I do gathered rectangle skirts they end up being about 80 inches around.

  12. Hi, I found your blog through the Burdastyle forums and just have to say again that this dress is lovely. The fabric, the shape, the peter pan collar, everything, and you look fantastic in it! :)

  13. Replies
    1. *blushes* you are too kind, my legs are my LEAST fav part of my body, so u have made me feel sooo much better about them :) xx

  14. Love your dress' design.
    This one is my favourite.
    I like your blog. It is sooo cute and you are very brave!
    Check mine:

  15. So, so, so cute! Love the bold red color, the Peter Pan collar, and the midriff panel style! And the shoes!!

    1. they are my favourite, favourite heels!! Love them so much, they have ever left the house!

  16. Holy Crap Neeno; Everything about this--dress and you and your shoes and EVERYTHING--is perfect!

  17. i totally love this dress! i am going to get this pattern asap.

    1. This pattern has a gorgeous bodice, highly recommend!!!

  18. Gorgeous! Good drafting! The shoes are pretty fab too.

  19. Just found you through pattern review, left a comment there but then I had to stalk you over to your blog to let you know how amazing this is! I hope mine turns out well! I have the same pattern :)

    1. Thank Joanna, I am now following your blog and cannot wait to see your dress x

  20. Neeno! Your dress is amazing! Now I've got my blog-reader eye on you! How cute!


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