Saturday, 31 March 2012

One Week, One Pattern Chllenge: McCall's 5845.

When I read about Tilly and the Button's 'One Week, One Pattern' challenge, I was immediately excited!

It is no surprise that McCall's 5845 is my favorite pattern... Cindy from Cation Designs also loves this pattern and I think it is clear that I have followed in her foot steps in M5845-pattern-hacking-adventures.

So far, all the M5845 dresses I have made so far are all full skirted, colorful and summery (with the exception of the LBWD). I found it difficult to incorporate into my day-to-day wardrobe, so this week I had to be creative and pair almost every dress with scarves and stockings/tights/pantyhose... whatever they're called!


Saturday. I wore my burnt orange minidress to my get-to-know-your-overlocker class and to a community festival. It was a cold day so I wore the dress with black stockings and a coat. I was hoping to meet Home & Away actors Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton) and Rhiannon Fish (April Scott) at the festival but I got there too late, devastated!!


Sunday night. I went to watch The Hunger Games. I wore my full circle skirt version. I felt a little too dressed up for the cinemas, but I felt comfortable with my scarf, I felt it toned down the full skirt. It was a freezing night, again wore my dress with stockings, a scarf and cardigan.
Ps. Check out Cindy - Cation Designs Girl on Fire dress and The Hunger Games inspired photoshoot. Cindy's dress is gorgeous!


Monday night. Went out for dinner at my newest favorite Malaysian restaurant. I've been there four times in four weeks! Their laksa is delicious!!! I wore my Mad Men challenge dress. I took the hem up 3" because the above-the-knee length looked odd when I wore flats. I wore my dress with black stockings, a thick black belt and a black cardigan. I wear a lot of black!


Tuesday night. I stayed home and entertained! I had friends over to share some wine with me and watch the grand final of MKR. I wore my sister's high tea dress with full skirt with a skinny glittery belt purchased from ASOS.


Wednesday. I wore my Little Black Work Dress... to work! It was still kind of cold and I have to walk two blocks to my office so I accessorized with my giant woolly green scarf (this is my favorite scarf!) and wore my black coat.


Thursday night. I went to the cinemas with my little sister to watch Mirror Mirror. Julia Roberts is gorgeous. My sister also joined in with OWOP and wore my burnt orange dress. DOUBLE OWOP! I wore my Squiggle dress with pockets with a black linen blazer and black stockings. Again with the black, you can tell I'm a Melburnian.

My sister looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress! Love.


TGIF-night. I finally add a big splash of hot pink to spice things up! I wore my high tea dress again, this time with no stockings or scarves because today was a beautiful sunny 28°C (82°F). Melbourne weather is unpredictable so I took my hot pink trench coat with me. Off to Friday night drinks I went!

So there it is! One week, one pattern. 
As you can see, the M5845 pattern is very versatile and I have been able to make lots of different dresses with it simply by replacing the skirt, modifying the neck and back, adding pockets and collars. I like how quick it is to sew up the pattern. There are 8 bodice darts (16 if lined) and 6 skirt darts - 12 if lined, zero if replacing the skirt! Win! The pattern says to sew the darts on the outside but I always leave them inside.

I enjoyed this challenge because I had to be more creative with my weekday wardrobe. When I go out mid-week week, I usually wear jeans and a nice top or whatever dress and stockings I can find in the wardrobe. This week, I had to accessorize, and it was fun. I should put more effort into my weekday outfits. Thank you Tilly for hosting this awesome challenge! OWOP! I can't wait to see Tilly's post with everyone elses' OWOPs!!

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you think so Tina!! I was in panic mode on Friday, I didn't really want to wear the same dress again, but had no choice. Luckily it was warm so I could change it up with the bare-leg-look!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous dresses and it's amazing how you've got so many different styles out of one pattern! Love how you've accessorised them too! XxxX

    1. Thanks for your comment :)
      I don't know if this challenge has inspired me to make more dresses with this pattern... or if I should move on because I have made it so many times!

  3. sooo stylish! the 4th outfit is just killing (and the wine complements the effect just perfect)! although i definitely am not the yellow-color-loving type of person, i adore the 3rd outfit

    1. I loooooovvveeee the 4th dress, it's my sister's though! Made it for her birthday but I borrowed it for this challenge. The color is divine isn't it!
      I was hesitant to wear the 3rd dress because in my head it's the "Mad Men" dress but shortening the hem definitely helped me feel more comfortable wearing it.

  4. Absolutely love all the looks! Might need to buy that dress pattern too!

  5. Hey Gorgeous!!

    Woop! I can see why you love that pattern so much! It's fab! You've done a great job, keep up the good work :D

    I'm gonna research that pattern :D

    Caffy X

  6. I'd say my favourite IS your Mad Men frock! Great to see you successfully incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe.

  7. Gorgeous dresses. This pattern is fantastic, you got so much out of it!

    1. It's definitely the most versatile I have used so far. Well worth the money spent on it!!

  8. Your dresses each had its own personality. Can't pick a favorite. I love them all.

  9. Replies
    1. thank lovely, I'm glad I took part in this challenge and had the opportunity to share my fav pattern wit the internet sewing community xx


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