Tuesday, 13 March 2012

WIP: Sneak peak of my Peter Pan collared dress!


Spotlight had a 30% off storewide sale today! Of course I went down there to check it out!!!! Ended up buying 4m of "premium" cotton sateen in red and olive, 2m sunsilky and an invisible zipper, all for under $50. Was also on the lookout for a Horn sewing cabinet but they didn't have one that had storage for an overlocker. Ebay is my next option! Ooh, and I also saw one of my favourite bloggers Splatastic but I didn't get a chance to say hi and tell her how much I LOVE her work.

I am absolutely in love with the red cotton sateen. I have been wanting to make a red dress for a while, but always got distracted by crazy prints, florals and colour blocking. After seeing Reana Louise and Julia Bobbin with their sexy red dresses, I could no longer put it off.

I bought some random red fabric a couple of weeks ago at Brunswick Fabrics, some sort of polyester... but I guess I didn't love it enough, so I had no motivation to cut it up. I think most people like to keep their nice fabrics in their stash with the mentality that it's too nice to cut up, but I get too excited to keep them in there for long. I really like cotton sateen. I'm afraid I might spend my whole life sewing with it!! Help!

So, as soon as I saw the red "premium" cotton sateen at Spotlight, I had to have it!!! I checked it very closely, and I am fairly certain that it's the same sateen that Clegs sell for $19.95/m... but Spotlight sell it for $12.95/m. The colours had the same name, it had the same feel, even the selvedge looked the same. From now on I will be buying my cotton sateen from Spotlight.

As soon as I got home, I jumped on to YouTube to watch Gertie's tutorial to make a peter pan collar. I got the link from Reana Louise's Lady In Red blog post.

And 5 hours later, here is the result:

It isn't finished yet, I still have the 2.4m skirt to gather, and need to cut up the lining and do the same thing all over again. This dress will be fully lined. I don't think I can go back to making unlined dresses anymore. I am addicted.

You might have noticed I have stay-stitched every curve on the bodice. Learnt from last time :)

This is the V8469 bodice. I love this bodice, it has the cute gathering under the bust and I like the thick midriff piece. For the skirt, I will be making a full skirt, constructed by cutting two rectangles and gather at the waist, like my sister's high tea dress.

I hope to finish this over the next two days. I also hope to be the owner of a Horn by the end of the week!


  1. This is looking great so far. I am in love with that peter pan collar. I must try drafting one of these on a project soon!

  2. Oh what a score from Spotters! Love the red sateen, cant wait to see the finished dress

  3. I'm impresed how fast your blog is comleting with new projects! I am jealous. Again :D

  4. Hi Neeno! Heads up, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You needn't participate if it's not your thing, but I just wanted to let you know. Details on my blog soon. :)


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