Friday, 13 April 2012

WIP: V8511 with Self-Drafted Asymmetrical Collars.

V8511, Very Easy Vogue. Very easy indeed!

I forced myself to sew today because all this week I have spent it watching re-runs of Modern Family, using the excuse that I am sick so I can sleep till noon and spend the whole day on the couch under my blanky. Watching Modern Family :D

I actually am sick though, maybe not as sick as I think, but I am very cough-ey and tired. Today I went out and got my hair cut and eyebrows threaded and made a stop by the fabric store to buy a zipper and lining for my V8511.

I could have finished this dress tonight, but I really didn't have the energy to keep going. I spent three hours on this dress (cutting and sewing) and all I have left is to cut the skirt lining, pleat the skirt, zipper, hem. I just don't have anymore energy, which is unfortunate because the dress is turning out quite nicely.

The version is basically a wearable muslin, to test out the pattern and the asymmetrical collars. The cutting wasn't the best and I was working in very dim light - forgot to replace the bulb in my floor lamp.

This is the first time I am sewing a pattern with princess seams, and I was surprised at how easy it is, I thought that joining the curves together would be hard -based on my first experience with the V8469 sleeves, took me 6 hours to join the sleeves to the bodice.

After I sewed up the bodice, I drafted the asymmetrical collars. Free handed!

Self drafted asymmetrical collars.

I quickly cut and sewed the lining and bagged the whole thing. It is so hard to iron without proper lighting... I'm not sure but I think I scorched some parts of the dress! I really wanted to pack up for the night, but I trooped on and finished the skirt and sewed the whole thing together. I really like the pleats and the tulip shaped skirt. Tomorrow night or sometime in the near future I will cut the skirt lining and finish the dress.

V8511, Princess seamed bodice.
V8511, Pleated skirt.

The fabric I used is some poly-cotton blend, I got it for $4/m months ago. It looks like linen, but it's not... I didn't really like the fabric, that's why I used it for a muslin, but after sewing everything up, it actually looks good! It's a deep red, but the camera doesn't capture it :(

V8511, work in progress.

I haven't tried the dress on yet, so I don't know if I will like the style of the skirt. I might need to stitch the skirt  to the bodice again because there's a weird bump... 

I decided to use the V8511 (instead of the M6201) for my 50s Work Dress because it has the princess seamed bodice... but it doesn't have sleeves... can't have it all hey, but I think I did a pretty good copy-cat with the collars YAY! 

Inspiration dress & V8511 with self drafted asymmetrical collars.
For version 2, I might replace the pleated skirt with a fitted skirt to replicate my inspiration dress. 
When I finish the dress I'l take proper photos. I'm off to watch more Modern Family now :) 


  1. It looks so cute! You did a great job re-creating the collar from you inspiration dress...and what a good idea to take an actual picture of a RTW dress at the mall so you can be more detailed/specific in recreating it. Love it!

  2. Hello! I´m Merche, I follow you for a while now. This dress is amazing!

  3. You've got the skills! Great job on drafting the collar :) I wish I was as fast as you!

  4. Beautiful dress and I may draw this collar too..xx


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