Thursday, 19 April 2012

Weekly Dressmaking & Cows.

It took about a month, but I finally feel like I am almost back to 100% health! I no longer have a sexy-husky-man-voice, no longer break into coughing fits in an elevator full of strangers, no longer look "tired" everyday. I'm back!

I feel like it has been a long time since my last post... so much has been happening!

Last weekend, I spent time at my cousin's holiday house. It was nice to be around family, good food and cows. I really love cows, I have a fascination with black and white cows. Unfortunately the cows that we out the back were black and brown cows. I was still excited though!! I flooded Instagram with photos of #cows.

No one was more excited than me to see cows!!!!

I was assigned the task of BBQing! Check out the cows coming closer!

A walk to the beach at twilight.
Australia, the land occupied by the ten most venomous snakes in the world. Lovely.

So beautiful.

After my relaxing weekend, I went back to work after my Easter break and started my new role as a Building Industry Co-Ordinator. Three words: I LOVE IT. My colleagues are wonderful and I feel like I have been part of the team since forever! I'm actually a little sad that there is a public holiday next week because I will miss going to work, haha.

Oh, is anyone watching The Voice (Australia)?? It is so good!!!!! Watched my first episode on Monday night and I was bawling my eyes out. All the coaches are cool, my favourite is Seal and his fluro yellow nails, and Keith Urban... and Joel Madden... and Delta. I love them all!

Tuesday, I resumed my weekly sewing class. I switched to Tuesday night class. The new class is awesome, there's 8 students and they are all sewing different things, one lady was finishing an LBD, another girl was making pajamas, another girl was taking up all her jeans. It is so interesting to see everyone doing different things, very motivating and inspiring.  Here's what I got up to on Tuesday night...

My fabric's so floralicious! I have 4m of it!

Come at me cummerband! 

Whisperweft interfacing for my facings.

I figured out why the skirt and the bodice side seams didn't align on my first Simplicity 3222, it was because I didn't finish cutting the pattern properly after I added the extra centimetre for my waist. Duh.

I also shortened the skirt in the middle of the pattern piece instead of at the hem (like my hot pink version) so this version will have more of a pencil skirt. 

I am also making the cummerband, the first time I will be using boning. Funny thing, I was looking for boning at the craft store, the SA, about 15 years old walked by, I stopped her and said "Excuse me, where can I find boning?" The look on her face was priceless!! She had no idea what boning was and reacted as if I was some pervert looking for... boning.

I have so much fabric left over, I think I will make another dress with is, maybe the V8511 but with a short, full gathered skirt and that neck slit thing. I am inspired by this mustard dress that Nicole Ritchie is wearing.

Like, like, like, like. Wow, Rihanna's legs.

Cute dress huh? I also want to make a mustard version. I get so overwhelmed, I don't know what I should make. When I first started sewing, I wanted to sewing impractical dresses in crazy colours, then I obsessed over full skirts, then realised I couldn't wear them daily so I started planning dresses for work, now I want to go back to bright colours and shorter hemlines. I have decided that the next project I will work on at sewing class will be a strapless bustier style dress. I will have the opportunity to use more boning and be more challenged because I think strapless dresses are harder to fit?

Last night, one of my best-girlfriends came over for wine and Gossip Girl (we never got around to watching Gossip Girl because we were too busy gossiping, ha) and she told me she had a proposition for me! She works in the PR industry and is surrounded by social media gurus, popular bloggers and all those other cool people. Apparently some of her friends, a make up artist, a photographer and a blogger asked if I sell my dresses! They also asked if I would consider letting them feature my dresses on their blog or in their magazine. Of course I said yes to the feature. I wouldn't sell my dresses, they are my babies and I can't put a dollar value on them. Plus, they aren't perfect and I have seen far prettier dresses in blog-world, but I am very flattered that they asked.

If this goes ahead, it will either happen in a couple of weeks, if not it will be in the Spring/Summer time, which would give me time to sew up more dresses! I am very excited at the thought of a model wearing my dresses and striking poses. How fricking exciting?!

Well, that's all I have to report for this week, not much sewing, but plenty of cutting! I am saving up for a cutting mat and rotary as suggested by Zoeope.

SHOUT OUT: Before I get comfortable with my chocolate bunny and a glass riesling to catch up on Gossip Girl, Modern Family and REVENGE (omgomgomgomg I am so excited that it has finally returned after a million years)... um, yes, back to what I was saying - I'd like to share a couple of posts that I have read recently that I really related to. Sue of Sewin' Steady blogged about wearing her own creations and how she reacts when people compliment her. I was nodding to myself when reading this post and all the comments. I used to think I was the only person that shuffled awkwardly when people talk about my blog and handmades. Another post is The Real Cost of Sewing by Tilly. I keep receipts of all sewing notions and fabric, it will be interesting when I add them up at the end of the year. Last year, I spent almost $1000 in 5 months, so I wonder how much I will spend this year!

What about you guys, have you read any interest posts recently or found any new exciting blogs I should follow?

Have a great weekend all, "you know you love me, xoxo" -haha!


  1. Lovely fabric. We have the Voice in the UK, with Tom Jones Jessie J, Will.I.A.M and someone else but forgotton the name. Not watched it yet. Shall watch the live shows once they have finalised who is going through. Goos luck with the sewing.

  2. So exciting about your dresses being featured!! I, too, have mixed feelings about selling anything I've made, though...

    1. If I include my *time* at say, $20/h, each dress would be $200 I guess, including fabric, notions, labour... and I don't think anyone would want to pay that much for something *I* made. Even if they wanted to pay that much, I wouldn't feel right about it!

  3. How cool that your dresses will be modeled and featured!! I am scared to see what my receipts look like at the end of the year; I started keeping them in an old salsa container (emptied of salsa, of course) just so I could see what I was spending on sewing...

    1. We should definitely add it all up at the end of the year. If only I could use it work tax deductions, damn :)

  4. Wow how exciting that your dresses are going to be featured! I always get super shy when people compliment me on my dresses, I always thought they are secretly making fun of me. I am loving The Voice at the moment too, didn't think I would get into it, but Seal makes me laugh too much, he is so hypnotic, I seriously think he can convince anyone to do anything.

    I have been very lazy with my sewing at the moment, but seeing your post I am now really inspired again. x

    1. I know!! I feel like they can *tell* it's handmade so they ask! Then I get really paronoid :( I love Seal!!!!!!!! I'm glad you feel inspired again, I look forward to seeing what u sew! xx

  5. I love that mustard dress-- so cute! I love the vibrant color and the pleats-- looking forward to seeing your version!

    1. Thanks G! For the mustard version, I think I'll make the skirt wider because my skirt didn't have enough gathers/folds

  6. Hmmmm...methinks you should schedule another catch up session with that girlfriend. She may or may not want to see more of you!


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