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Finished Project & Pattern Review: Vogue 8603 Pencil Skirt with Side Gathering, View A.

Vogue 8603, View A.

Don't you just love that print?

I was lucky enough to spot this fabric on the clearance table today, it's cotton drill which was exactly what I was on the hunt for.

I got my BMV order the other day and was keen to make a skirt right away. I was torn between making a black skirt for work or a skirt for fun times.

I didn't want to spend more than $10-$15 on materials and notions for the skirt since I can easily buy a RTW black skirt for $15-$20. Reason I wanted to make it with cotton drill is that lining won't be needed. Lining alone costs me $10. Cotton drill is usually for reserved for work clothes and uniforms, according to my Reader's Digest Sewing Guide.

Yesterday I went to buy black cotton drill, but it was $15/m... and I needed 1.2m for to make a skirt, so I left empty handed.

Today I went to a different store and I found awesome fabrics on the clearance table! I bought the birdy print (above) and a rhino-camo print as well. Also bought interfacing and two zippers. Total spend was $17!

This is the Vogue 8603, View A: "Lined, straight skirts, have princess seams, back zipper and waistline facing, gathered side front, side back and lower back"

I omitted the lower back gather and tapered it in to a pencil skirt.

Princess seams are my new best friends.
A lot of overlocking! 
Took skirt in at the side seams to give the skirt a 'pencil' shape rather than 'straight'.
View A, front.
I heart the side gathers. 
View A, back.
I opted for an exposed zipper.
The exposed metal teeth balances out the birdies. 
Pattern Review: V8603, View A with Side Gathering/Ruching

Size: Size 6
Fabric: 1.2m cotton drill
Notions: Jean zipper (black) 8", Gutermann thread (000),  0.5m whisperweft interfacing.
    • omitted the lower back gather,
    • unlined,
    • shortened skirt by 9cm,
    • 5cm hem,
    • tapered side seams in to create a pencil silhouette,
    • exposed zipper.
Time: 5 hours.
Cost: $7 (fabric, zip, pattern). $7!!!!! Fabric was on special, pattern was on special. 
This is a special skirt <3

Directional fabric again.
Hope I've chosen right direction to cut the skirt!
To my eyes, the birds are mostly flying upwards....
What do you see?

The V8603 was easy to make, I didn't even need the instructions. I cut a (wearable) muslin yesterday using my rotary cutter and it turned out horrible, I was cutting millimeters off my pattern pieces, luckily the muslin came together well. 

It's View D. It's finished, hand stitched hem and all but the skirt looks unfinished. It needs something more... lace or buttons or something. This skirt really could have used a waist band. This view is so plain :/

Vogue 8603, view D.
Wearable muslin.

Once again, Vogue sizing fails me. If I went by the pattern envelope, I have a size 12 waist and size 10 hips.

For the muslin I cut a size 8 because I remember when I made a size 6 skirt for the V8511, it appeared to be small in the butt area. For this pattern, size 8 was big. Surprise, surprise. SMH at the big 4.

I'm not sure what sort of fit the Vogue designers want for the skirt, but I like my "fitted" skirts to be fitted. If it's "high waisted" it should sit on my waist, not on my belly button - that's just an awkward look on me.

As usual, the photo on the pattern envelope was not enticing at all. So plain, I only bought the pattern because I found this review by Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress and the skirt Rebecca made looks gorgeous on her.

I used to think that the models on the patterns looked daggy because the patterns were old, that the photos were taken in the 90s.. but I saw the new Vogue patterns the other day, and the latest photos look just as dated. Thank goodness for the internet and sewing blogs otherwise I don't think I would buy any of these patterns, based on the photos Vogue provide.

Vogue 8603, View A. Size 6.
Omitted lower back gathering piece.

V8603, View A line art.
Don't like the lower back gathering... maybe on a mini skirt it will look good.

The "sewing" of this skirt didn't take long at all. I think the longest part was all the overlocking. I found it a bit tedious overlocking 16 sections of raw edges, but I'm very happy with the end result!

Overall, I have to say I am pleased with this pattern. I am so glad I bought this pattern (and for $1 I might add!). 

I had to make some mods to the pattern pieces to give them a pencil shape. I love the side gathers, the princess seams, and the fact that there are no darts is a bonus! I really enjoyed making this skirt.

Phew! I'm all sewed out for this weekend, two skirts in one weekend is a record for me. I will be staying away from the sewing machine until my class this week. Speaking of, I have been receiving heaps of emails from fellow Melburnians asking where they can find sewing classes. The class I take is at my local community centre but here is a list of places I know run sewing classes in Melbourne:
  • Spotlight
  • Tessuti
  • Statewide Sewing Centres
  • CAE (Centre for Adult Education)
  • Local community centres (some local council run them)
... There's probably more but these are the only ones I know of :)


  1. Beautiful. Love the print, and love the way it fits. God job!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely, I love this fabric so much especially cos it was on sale! Love a bargain.

  3. Wow, what a cool skirt! The style is great on you and I love that fabric!!!

    1. I still have some fabric left, might make it into a bodice!

  4. Oh, and don't be scared to use your rotary cutter! It's easy as pie!

    1. I feel like I have no control :( I think I'l have to spend an afternoon practicing on scraps of fabric.

  5. I'm in love with the print AND the fit on you!

  6. I think you should add 4 buttons to your muslin and so make it marine style - perfect for summer! Both dresses look great!

    1. Thanks Jusi!! I'll go looking for buttons this weekend. I love the marine style!

  7. wow, love the birdies skirt! the rouching on the side looks great on you.

    1. Hey Sue! I like the rouching, it makes my hips slightly bigger to give the illusion I have a smaller waist hehehe

  8. I love the fabric so much! The fit is perfect. Brava!

    1. Thank you so much :)
      Now I have to go back and fix the pattern pieces so I can make more skirts the same :)

  9. The fabric is adorable! I've been having issues with Vogue sizing too, so frustrating.

    1. Sooooo frustrating. I know what size to cut but I don't want to risk it so i waste time making a toile :/

  10. Wow! This is beautiful :) Also, I share your hate for pattern companies' sizing. I have had similar problems with skirts... Grr.

    1. I just read Gertie's blog today, she had some very helpful tips on how to deal with pattern ease, she has made my life better :)

  11. Super cute fabric! I second the addition of buttons to make a nautical look!

  12. Love this print! The skirt looks great! Well done.

  13. Wow, you did an awesome job and that fabric is gorgeous!!! way to go!!!...


  14. I know I already mentioned this on your Instagram photo, but I love the fabric and style of this skirt. Suits you so well. I am curious to see what you do with that Rhino material as well. It seems a bit out there but I am sure you will make something great with it!

    1. Hey Candice! Thanks for the comments :) I am curious what I can do with the rhino fabric too... I was thinking a skirt... IDK! But if it doesn't work out, I only wasted $3 on the fabric :)

  15. Love the print!!! Your skirt looks great!!

    1. thank you! I just checked out your blog, very cool stuff happening over there! I'm following!

  16. Absolutely lovely, as ever!! You've got a great eye for design!

  17. Such a cute skirt! Thanks for linking to my post! I had to take in the center back seam on my skirt in order to get it to fit more snugly, because as you said, the sizing on the big 4 is all over the place. I think I may need to try this view with the side gathers. :]

    1. Side gathers is really cute, I'm gonna make it again for sure. AND I think I'll be adding buttons t my View C... as soon as I find cheap buttons :)

  18. Love your stuff, I stumbled across your blog today. Where did you get the bird fabric from?

    1. Hiiii! Thanks for stoppin by. I got that fabric from Spotlight (Australia)


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