Thursday, 10 May 2012

Finished Project: V8469 hacked!.

Remember this fabric? I finally found the perfect dress to make with it. 

You may not have seen this dress before, but I have made it twice, back when I only had one follower (my supportive little guy cousin) so it's most likely no one has seen this dress.

It's the V8469 bodice, hacked, into a v at the back. Here is V1.0 (Christmas 2011 party dress) and V2.0 (LBD). I made these two dresses back when I didn't know how to bag a bodice properly and when I was oblivious to how a garment should fit. I am starting to be nit picky about "fit" now.

I decided to make this dress again with my "galaxy" fabric after wearing V2.0 for MMM. I remembered how much I loved low-v-backs. The flaw with V2.0 is the skirt doesn't sit properly - prob too small, or I should have sewed darts instead of pleats, and the poplin is light weight, clings to my legs. Annoying, even more annoying when worn with stockings, kept riding up when I was walking :(

I don't know if anyone has blogged about the stages beginner sewist go through, but I'm at the stage where I am paying more attention to how my clothes fit my body, which I think is a good thing.

I made this dress today because I didn't go to work. I didn't go to work because some *effin c* smashed in my car window last night... So I had to stay home to wait for the police to drop by to dust for fingerprints, and wait for Mr Windscreen Repair dude to come and replace the window. Nothing was stolen because I am wise enough not to leave anything valuable in my car but they made a huge mess and it was such an inconvenience to take the day off work and stay home, waiting around. Grr!!!!!! Mighty annoyed at the whole situation and the fact that I had to spend hundreds on fixing damage that someone else did... GRRRRRRRR!!!!

Since I had to stay up to wait for the police and windscreen man, I started sewing to pass some time and to distract me from the what had happened. I had enough fabric for the dress (1.5m) and 0.5m Sunsilky lining for the bodice (left over from my V8511) and black invisible zippers.

By the time Mr Windscreen fixed my window I had finished my lined bodice. I left the house to go clean out all the shattered safety glass from my car then went to get more lining (for the skirt).

When I got to Spotty, there was no sale... and I didn't want to spend $10 on a metre of lining... so I grabbed a jean zipper and went back home. I decided to not line the skirt and swapped the invisible zipper for an exposed zipper (second one this week). The cotton sateen is thick enough to get away unlined I think.

I made a full gathered skirt (2.4m!) Having made a "smaller" gathered skirt (1.1m), I have to say that I prefer the fuller skirt. 

I made a few adjustments to the bodice at the shoulder seams (1" SA) and I sewed the side seams less than the regular SA. 

I also cut about 1" off the back midriff panel, at the centre back... I don't know if it's the pattern or my swayback (?) but the back centre waist sits weirdly (sits lower than the front waist). You can see it on my peter pan dress.

I made the effort to stay stitch every curve on the bodice and understitched every where possible... but I forgot to put interfacing on the midriff panel - whoops! 

Finished hem on the machine using twin needles.
No way was I prepared to hand sew 2.4m!
Exposed zipper.
Skirt gathering. I always sew three gathering stitches.
Only semi-lined! I can deal with it.
Pattern: V8469 hacked bodice, replaced skirt with full gathered skirt.
Size: Size 6
Fabric: 1.5m cotton sateen (galaxy), 0.5m lining (black).
Notions: Jean Zipper (black) 8", Gutermann thread (000).
Skirt deets: 
    • full gathered skirt (2.4m wide), cut 48cm length (SA and 3cm hem incl),
Time: about 7 hours.
Cost: $10 (fabric, zip), pattern, thread, lining from my stash.

The color of this fabric is so gorgeous, the photos don't do it justice. 

I miscalculated and cut the skirt a teeny bit too short. I wanted it the same length as my Floralicious dress (finished length 45cm), but somehow this one is shorter, must be because it's fuller. I am glad that when I sit down the skirt covers my thighs so I don't indecently exposing myself.

Apart from my shitty Thursday, this week has been alright. MMM12 has been fun, I have only worn one Me-Made this week. I was dressed in a Me-Made this morning for work... but then stayed home in leggings. 

My dress at sewing class is coming along very nicely! No photo yet. Bodice is so lovely and I have sewn the skirt up. I anticipate to finish it in 2-3 classes. Teacher says I have a sway back so I will learn how to do a sway back adjustment. 

Till next time, have a wonderful and safe weekend and Happy Mothers' Day to all the mums for this Sunday!


  1. Very cute! The low back is a fun detail and goes well with the full skirt. Great job sewing it up in a day! Though, I am sorry you had such a bad day. I do hope they catch who did it.

  2. Lovely dress sorry to hear what happened re your car.

  3. It looks great! I loved the exposed zipper. So sorry to hear about your car - thats such a bummer!

  4. I just love this fabric and the V shape back detail. Although I don't think I can pull it off personally. Sorry to hear about your car. Hope you are starting to get used to your cutter and mat. :)

    1. I used it for this dress, but only when I was cutting the rectangles for the skirt and I was using a ruler as a guide. Still haven't got a steady enough hand to cut around curves. It made cutting the skirt much easier and straighter :)

  5. That's horrible about your window. I had the similar experience two years ago where someone scratched all over my car, I had to forked out over $700 to get it fixed and then they did it again once I got it fixed! I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to do that to someone.

    Love the dress, the fabric is beautiful and I love the v back. Makes me want to make another dress, but I promised my bf that I'll finish his shirt first...

    1. You are such a good girlfriend :)

      I still can't believe it happened to me :(

  6. I'm so sorry about your car. :( Some people are such jerks.

    I hope your new dress cheers you up! It's gorgeous!

    1. Hey Ginger! People that do those things really suck!!!! GRR!
      Thanks for the compliment, it's cheered me up :)x

  7. oooh i love the low back detail and the cheerful print, terrific dress.... *high five*!

    It's amazeballs - as always!!!

  9. very cute dress! I love the structure of the bodice with the midriff panel.

  10. So much information here, I have so much to reply to! lol!
    Funny, I was JUST thinking I wanted to contact you about your experience fitting V8469, as I am testing the fit at the moment! (That dress is how I found your blog btw- I love your versions!) I might pester you when I get further with mine :)
    You know, mine dips lower in the back too. I wondered if that was an issue but then I noticed on the line drawing it seemed to as well. Maybe it's meant to?

    Now onto compliments :)
    1) Your fabric is gorgeous
    2) I love your V back mod!
    3) You're so fast!

    And so sorry to hear about your car! That really sucks, but it sounds like you made the best of a bad situation :)

    1. Hey Joanna! So it's the pattern then! Why do they design it to dip at the back... that's just strange! It looks really odd when I wear a belt, that's when I noticed the 'dip'.

      I've noticed the same dip on another Vogue pattern, the V8511 too... do we have sway backs? I still don't fully understand what a sway back is but I got told that its the reason I get a lump on the waistband of pants.

      Definitely pester me, I am glad to help out in any way I can :) I'd like to give back to the sewing community!!!!!

      Thanks for the compliments, they make my day!


      Can't wait to see your version!

    2. I don't know why they would design it to dip at the back. And now I'm sure it's meant to- I saw someone else mention it in their review after I looked it up. So that's good to know it's not a fitting problem!
      I looked at the line drawing for 8511, I think that one is meant to be straight not low in the back. Hmm, I guess it could be caused by a lot of things! I'm a fitting newbie!
      I thought I might have a sway back, but now I don't know. I would love to see any and all fitting insights you come up with :) We can learn together!

      I'll probably pester you in a while about V8469, but for now I'm distracted by another pattern! lol :)

    3. Interesting.... Bloody Vogue does such wierd things... Too much ease, wierd dipping. STOP IT lol.
      Maybe 8511 dipping is caused by my sway back. When I learn how to adjust for sway back maybe I'll understand more about it! I am a complete fitting newbie!!! It will be great to learn together!!!

    4. This article on sway back is pretty good.

      It points out some issues that may cause the lower back wrinkles, that could be mistaken for sway back. I learned that what I thought at first was sway back for me, was the fabric riding up because it wasn't going over my behind! But I might still have one, I have no clue, lol. Ahh learning, it can be so confusing!

    5. Haha, I am sometimes guilty of cutting a skirt too small and it not going over my behind ;)

  11. I love this pattern, the fabric and you look so fine!!
    It's perfect.

  12. I have this fabric in pink. No idea what I want to do with it yet but you have made it look really good! I actually remember the dress you made for the Christmas party (black and wine dress from memory?)I really liked that dress as well. Must be good to have a pattern that you know will fit perfectly!

    Sorry about the car as well. Hopefully karma will get back at that person in some way.

    1. Thanks Candice! Insane the pink version of this fabric when I was at Spotty at DFO getting rhino fabric hehe I thought of u right away!!! I was gonna get it too but I didn't because I still had this green fabric to deal with, I try not too hoard too much :)

      It took me a few weeks to decide what to make.. cos it's so bold and loud and funky it was hard to decided. Plus I really loved it so I wanted to make sure it would be a dress that I WILL WEAR!!!

      I'm really happy with the end result though. I kinda wish I put an invisible zipper in but on that day I had no patience for playing around with invisible zipper. Oh well!!!

      Re the car, I expected that to happen at our train station, every few days I wonder when I get off the train if my cars ok, but to have it happen right out front of my house is a terrible shock. Stupid scum in the west side :(
      I hope it doesn't happen again because I will CRY this time. Wah!!!

  13. Oh what a terrible thing to happen; to your car, I mean. Not the day of sewing that was a wonderful thing, since you made this wonderful dress!! This is so stunning!! I just love how you toughed up the pretty fabric by using an exposed zip, and this swingy skirt style is absolutely gorgeous on you. Beautiful!
    Thank so much for your comment on my blog too :)

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comment Carolyn! I was starting to question the exposed zipper but now I feel I made the right choice thanks to ur compliment :)

  14. Your blog is definitely one of my favorite finds lately. I love your dresses. This floral one with the edgy zipper is amazing!

    Hope things got sorted with your car. Not a great way to start any day.

    1. Hey Melizza, thanks for your kind comment :)I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

  15. So sorry to hear about your car :( While I'm glad that you managed to turn a bad day into a productive one, it still sucks that the car incident happened. Aargh! Hope the police have had some luck since then!

  16. I love this version of 8469, especially the deep V in the back!

  17. The deep v is just perfect! And the exposed zip definitely works. I'm trying to work some fuller skirts in to my wardrobe right now but I'm not convinced they look good on me. Love this!

  18. huge boo and hiss to the car Fs but i think karma is trying to give back with all of your lovely makes. what an AWESOME dress!!!! i think the length is perfect.


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