Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Winter Sewing Woes

Greetings!!! It's been so long between posts, but I am still here! 

I don't know what to blame for my absence in blogland and Twitterverse (Twittersphere?) during the last few weeks... the gloomy Melbourne winter - it gets dark at 5pm...!... SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and sad about the finale of Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, REVENGE (that was the best cliffhanger EVER!!!!), plain laziness... but I have still been there lurking and loitering. 

I am still stalking all my favorite blogs, but I haven't been able to comment because of poor internet reception on the train (where I do most of my blog reading), CAPTCHAS and worst of all - iPhone autocorrecting my captchas.

I haven't blogged about a finished project in three weeks... because I haven't completed any sewing project. Wah. The dress in sewing class is almost finished, promise, just need to finish the cummerband. All handsewing is done!

I haven't been motivated lately, the last two Saturdays I was suppose to go fabric shopping (at the nicer fabric stores), but I spent the day sleeping. Zz. I love my sleep. During winter I am like a bear. 

I did manage to go to Spotty the other night and picked up about 4m of fabric for $7. Yep, $7. End of the bolt, scanner didn't work, cashier was ceebs so she gave it to me for seven bucks. Win. today I went back to get lining and zipper.

What did I buy? Cotton sateen. Surprised?? Haha. I was actually after black fabric to make skirt for work, but black and white anything sell out as soon as they are in stock. I give up, I think I'll just buy some Target skirts for work. 

So here's what I have planned for this weekend (was actually planning to sew a mock up tonight, but TV and got in the way).

I want this dress to fit well so I am trying something I read on Gertie's blog re sizing. 

I have taken my measurements and will sew up the size that have the "finished measurements" that match my measurements.

Bad news, my waist measurement has increased by 3cms. But of course, my bust measurement is the same. All my weight goes to my waist. Wahhhhh! 

If I went with the sizing recommendation on the envelope, I should be cutting:
  • Bust 8
  • Waist 14 (what?!?!)
  • Hip 10
Instead, I am going to cut:
  • Bust 4 (finished measurement 32 1/2" - already know this will be huge like my vintage dress, my bust is 30")
  • Waist 8  (finished measurement 27 1/2")
  • Hip 8  (finished measurement 37" - little bigger than my hip measurement, but better bigger than too small)

I think that is reasonable. My main concern is my butt fitting into an 8 skirt. I want to dress to skim my body. Not tight, not baggy. This project is all about the fit!! I don't want a wrinkly butt.

If I can work out the perfect fit for this dress I will be so happy! I'd love to have it fit me like this one

It's a very simple pattern, one front piece, one back piece, sleeves. Fully lined. Darts. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh yay, good luck! My weight gain goes immediately to my waist, too-- why can't it go to my bust or even to my hips?! It's like my body is determined to make me even more rectangular than I already am!

  2. Right now I think I'm headed for a "diamond" body shape! Must stop eating so much lollies hehe

  3. Oh good luck, I am always confused by sizing on patterns, sometimes they fit perfectly and sometimes they end up two sizes too big.

  4. Don't pressure yourself! I tend to do the same, thinking "oh if I don't sew cool stuff my blog will diiiie" but it won't! lol :) How much ease are you putting into the garment? That's still something I'm figuring out..

    1. Hey Jo! I tend to wear my clothes with almost no ease. For this one I am going to give 2-3cm for ease at the waist and hips and bum! U reckon that's enough?
      This is a first for me so it will be all trial and error! It could turn out horrendous but all part of the adventure :/

    2. I actually don't have much experience finding out what ease I like! But I think 2-3cm for waist sounds good. Most of the sources I've seen say use 2 inches (5cm) for the hips. It makes sense to put more there since you have to sit! Let us know how you go! It's all about personal preference and trial and error I think!

    3. You're right, I need to factor in more hip/butt ease... so I can pull the dress up to go wees lol!!!!

  5. Waist 14?? OMG lol That is not true I am sure it is not!

    That 'perfect fit' link you had was really gorgeous. :)

    1. That is my inspiration!! When i saw that version of the dress and how well it was made i fell in luv with the pattern.
      Yep size 14, so when the dress is finished there's 8cm ease! 8cm! WTF who wears a "fitted" dress that loose?!

  6. Ah Revenge. Been getting into that, but haven't seen the last few episodes cos I've been a bit busy. Looking forward to the season finale!

    1. Libby, Libby, Libby, get on to the finale of Revenge STAT!!!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!!

      PS. I'm sorry to hear the Snow Egg was meh. How zz!


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