Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Earthquake in Melbourne... & my next project McCall's 5850.

Did you feel it?? The earthquake in Melbourne?

I didn't. I was at sewing class and nobody felt it. We only knew there was an earthquake because one of the  girls got a call from her hubby asking if we were alright.

I don't think I would've felt anything because I was concentrating that hard on the careful placement of my pattern pieces and measuring my grainlines. I get really OCD about my grainlines. 

McCall's 5850.

This fabric was purchased last year, purchased at full price because of my FOMO (fear of missing out). I fell in love with the fabric when I saw it pinned as a dress on to a mannequin. It looked so beautiful, I had to have it and didn't want to risk it selling out, so I paid full price. Few weeks later I heard it was half off. Zz.

1.4m is such a random length to buy, I'm not sure what I had originally planned for the fabric, but it never happened and it's been sitting in my fabric box for the last six months, waiting to be picked for a special project. The time has finally come!

From memory, it's linen blend (oh hey, my memory is quite good, here's the blog post about that fabric purchase, and I bought it for the V8511). 

It's 55% linen, 45% rayon. 

It was a tight squeeze but I managed (with the help of my teacher) to fit all the pieces on to 1.4m of fabric when the pattern called for 1.55m. Too good!

Directional fabric... hope it's the right way! 

The skirt is a full gathered skirt. I could've cut out rectangles like I usually do, but hey I paid a full $1.99 for the pattern so I'm gonna make the most of it!!! :P

The bodice only takes about 25cm of fabric! Nuts!

The bodice will be double lined though. I bought 1.8m of the good lining (sunsilky) - 0.5m for bodice, 1.3m for the skirt. 

Other notions: thread, polyboning, interfacing, zipper.

We tried my muslin on and teacher says it fits but may need to let out the waist. 

It's an 8 waist so I know it should fit, but I'm concerned because it has no straps to hold it up it might be loose and I don't really have much bust to hold it up! 

We cut a size 6 bust. We went by the finished measurements. I reckon I could've got away with a 4 bust, but then again I don't want no side-boob-muffin-top situation. I'll leave it with my teacher to fit me. 

I'll be cutting out the lining at home and next week we will do a second fitting with the boning inserted. 

Bodice pieces.

I made a lot of progress tonight at class. I ironed my fabric, traced my skirt pattern, cut my fabric and ironed on all my interfacing. 

Originally, I was going to make the dress with silk dupioni or some kind of evening fabric, but sadly I don't have any events coming up to wear the dress to. I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it in this floral linen though. I love floral! So far, every single garment I have made at class is floral! 

New Look 6936
Vogue 8469
Butterick 5455
Vintage Simplicity 3222

I am obsessed with florals!

I only have one more class for this term, then I'm on break for 3 weeks! Really keen to start sewing this baby up, finish it in time for spring and Spring Racing Carnival!

So that's it for tonight, I'm off to watch another episode of Breaking Bad. I got through 3 season in 7 days!
I am determined to finish season 4 this week. Breaking Bad has me craving fried chicken every day.

Is Los Pollos Hermanos even a real restaurant? I wanna go there!


  1. This is going to be amazing! I LOVE the floral. :)

    1. I was telling my sewing teacher I should break away from florals... and one week later I return to class with florals. Hehehe... old habits die hard?

  2. Replies
    1. Me too!!! I got told by a fashionista bf that "florals are in right now" but I don't care what's in or not... never have been a trend follower.. I love my florals <3 forever!

  3. Eek! This is going to be so cute! You look so cute in florals-- no wonder you're obsessed! I'm glad that the earthquake didn't mess up your cutting!!

    Los Pollos Hermanos isn't real, but there are tons of places that look like that out west. I used to eat at a similar chicken place pretty regularly when I lived in California. Breaking Bad is sooo good but so stressful! I'm always completely freaking out when I watch it!

    1. Hey Ginger!!! I googled the restaurant and yeah, it's not real, but theres a place in ABQ that is where Pollos Hermanos is based on (?) and tourists go there and there's a poster in the chicken shop of the Pollos brand!!!!

      I just finished season 4. OMG!!!! What's gonna happen now?!?!?! I can't stand cliffhangers!

  4. You have me craving for some floral patterns now. I've been having a slight obsession with polka dots lately. I just finished a polka dots top last weekend, and now working on a polka dots dress. Maybe I should take a trip to Spotlight for a floral inspiration.

    That is so funny about Breaking Bad. I'm not a big fan but my bf loves it so I watch it with him. The laundry in the middle of nowhere always amuses me.

    1. I love polka dots too! But I haven't seen one that i have fallen in love with. Dots not the right size I think! That laundry is a such a good idea, I wonder where they got the idea from, did they do some research ad speak with the cartel to get ideas...hehehe

  5. I have this pattern so I'll be really interested in seeing how this turns out. Lovely fabric, good luck! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

    1. My concern (my usual concern) is the ease... Hope it works out ok :)

  6. Haha, I am also OCD about grain line, and totally obsessed with florals. I would have done the same as you and snapped that fabric up at full price! You can't let a good floral pass you by!
    Good luck with your skirt, and boning, that's fancy! :D Never done that before..

    1. Hey Jo :)
      I am thrilled to be boning a bodice (LOL) but it's not the real boning that the "Retro Bombshell" girls are using, mine is polyboning, some strong plastic thingo inside fabric that I sew onto the bodice, much easier. I'll get some pics for my nxt post.

  7. ZOMG, besides having a love for the same McCall's 5845, we now have the same fabric?! The second dress I ever made was from this exact linen blend floral, which, if it makes you feel any better, I also bought for full price...

    1. Aw Cindy! I wanna see your dress!!!!
      Your sewing has always inspired me, all the dresses I see on ur blog... now u have subconsciously inspired me... oooooooo....

  8. Ooh, love the pretty floral pattern! I was on the Eastern Freeway when the earthquake occurred and I didn't feel it at all - such a shame!

    I haven't seen Breaking Bad apart from the pilot episode but my bf loves it and according to him, it's not a real place :(


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