Friday, 1 June 2012

The whole month of Me-Made-May'12.

I, Neeno of Sew Me Love, signed up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. 
I endeavoured to wear at least one item made by me each day, 
minimum three times a week, for the duration of May 2012.

My first Me-Made-May challenge and boy was it challenging! Because I have only been sewing dresses for my whole sewing life, my options were very limited. Throw in Melbourne winter and my outfit each day had mandatory stockings and coat. Boring and dull!!! I am such a lazy accesorizer so I apologise in advance for the lack of accessories. My idea of accessorizing is a handbag and stockings :/ 

I have been so envious of all the peeps in the other side of the world whole with gorgeous photos outside in the beautiful sunshine (Lladybird!!). Everyone's MMM outfits were adorable and inspiring. Every morning on the train I was kept occupied with constant streams of MMM updates. Loved it. Thank you to everyone that made the effort to post daily/weekly, you "Made My May"!!

Shout out to Oona for her highly amusing photos with the (sometimes) moustache'od man in the background, cracks me up every time. Those photos would make such a cool book for the coffee table! 

For my own photos, I thought about dressing my dress form because I was hesitant about taking a photo of myself for every outfit. I feared that if all the photos were in one post, my flaws would be exposed (BAM! Hair hasn't been washed in two days. BAM! Complexion looks dull. BAM! Double chin). I am a very self-conscious person. By the last day the end of the month, I was tired of trying to get a good picture so I let go and just smiled. The photo turned out cute, my favorite photo actually. Too bad it was the end of MMM. 

What I have learnt from the Me-Made-May challenge:
  • I don't like linen - my LBWD got so crinkly during the day at work
  • I do have a long torso - the waist of all my dresses sit on my ribs - which I don't really mind!
  • I don't really like shiny fabric
  • I wear too much black
  • Despite the dress not being perfect, I really enjoy wearing my  50s Inspired Work Dress
  • I need more work clothes - RTW or handmade, I need more
  • I need to sew other garments besides dresses
  • There's 5 weeks in a month... not 4!
I have identified a huge gap in my wardrobe. I always knew this gap existed, but I ignored it - until I was forced to wear the same me-made to work three times this month.

I struggled Monday to Friday. I love my full skirted dresses but they just didn't suit the office. Though I look cute in them, I look too much like a little girl. Doesn't help that I am petite and always get told I look 16.

I got away with the full skirt LBWD, only because it was black. I really wanted to wear my full skirted red dress (peter pan collars) but I didn't get the opportunity to. I wanted to get around to all the dresses but things like the weather and work got in the way :P

May is generally a quiet month on my social calendar so unfortunately my colorful and mini dresses didn't get a chance to go partying.

Thank you Zoe for hosting this challenge because I'm now super motivated to learn how to make other garments besides dresses. After seeing all the other bloggers' outfits and exceptional styling, I am inspired!

Next up in sewing class, I am thinking about making a cape.

If I can learn to sew a coat, a shirt, some more skirts, I might be able to participate in SSS! Wouldn't that be an exciting challenge! I am now truly over my fear of my clothes falling apart in public. Once upon a time, I used to carry spare clothes in my handbag, just in case a zipper broke or my stitching fell apart.

So that was my May. It was a cold and hectic month but MMM brought some excitement. How was your MMM? Did you participate in MMM and how did you find it?


  1. I love all your outfits! I know what you mean about being hesitant to wear full/girly skirts to work. I'm one of the youngest people in the office, so I always feel immature and unprofessional when I wear my little peter pan collars and such. But I love them, so whatever.

    1. Hehe, tell me about it!! I'm the youngest in the department. Me and another girl are the young chickens, the other guys are in their 50s-60s, they're adorable, the best colleagues to have cos they're so knowledgeable and have great work ethics. I wanna hug them sometimes cos they are so cute!! I spent the whole day setting up their new ipads lol

  2. Congratulations and well done. Lovely pics.

  3. Your outfits are so cute! I LOVE your red V8511-- it's so, so fab! You should make a couple more of those... you look great in that silhouette!

    1. I wanna make more of the V5811 but I have to work on the fitting. The bodice is fine, but I need to work out the skirt size :)

  4. You´ve looked beutiful every single day. Brava!

  5. This is a beautiful collection of pictures! I think you look really great in all of them. Also, there's nothing like a me-made month to help one realize the holes in one's wardrobe! Despite that, I still continue to make frosting...

    1. I think I will be making frosting for a long time to come. My argument is, why should I slave over a plain black dress when I can buy one. I wanna sew dresses that I CAN'T buy in the stores :)

  6. Well done! I love how feminine your clothing is! :)

    1. Thanks Jo :) This is a new look on me. BS (before sewing) I was a jeans and mini dress girl :)

  7. All your outfits look hot! Thanks for this post, I think you have such a wonderful collection of dresses and you have transitioned them week for winter!

  8. Thanks Candice! By next year you will be participating in MMM too!! X

  9. Beautiful outfits! Always good to wear a bit of colour during the cold and miserable months. I know us Melburnians love our blacks, but a little colour never hurts - I'm trying to wear less blacks to the office these days haha.

  10. What a great MMM roundup! Your outfits look great! It's funny, and somehow comforting, how we've all seemed to find similar gaps in our wardrobes. What can we say? Pretty dresses are just more fun to sew! I can't wait to see the cape you mentioned! By the way, I used to be afraid of my me-made items falling apart in public too. Really though, we put so much time and care into our pieces, which rtw doesn't do, that it's probably more likely for a shop-bought item to break!


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