Sunday, 17 June 2012

Finished Project: They see me rollin' (hems) they hatin'... Full Gathered Skirt with Rolled Hem.

Jokes, no one is hatin'. But I did try rolled hems for the first time.

I have been feeling very lazy lately, haven't been sewing at home, only at class. It might have something to do with getting hooked on Breaking Bad! How have I never seen this show before? Anyway, since I have been glued to my laptop watching hours of Breaking Bad whenever I have spare time, my sewing has been suffering.

I have been making progress at class, I'm up to the next project, the M5850 strapless dress with gathered skirt. I have finished making the muslin, just gotta go shopping for the lining and boning, interfacing and thread. I already have the fabric, I'm using my floral linen/rayon. I'll blog about it when I make further progress.

Back to me being lazy and my latest finished project. I needed something quick to sew to get me out of my sewing rut... to unblock my sewing block. I went shopping today, I was suppose to pick up stuff for my M5850, instead I bought some quilting cotton. I was mesmerized with it so I bought it and decided to make a gathered skirt, the easiest thing I know how to make, and my favourite type of skirt.

'Rendezvous Floral Wavey Redburg' 112cm.

I have never sewed with quilting cotton, not even sure if you are suppose to make clothes with it, but it was too pretty to pass up. It was also nice texture.

I bought 1 metre of it, and a 7" zipper. 

At home, after watching Hank Schrader almost got hacked to death by those crazy Mexicans, I took a break and got cutting! 

I cut the fabric using my rotary cutter, I'm getting more confident and accurate with my cutting.. then again I was just cutting rectangles :/

I cut two rectangular pieces for the waist band measuring 74cm x 10cm. I used leftover red cotton sateen from my red dress with peter pan collars.

The skirt is simply two pieces as wide as the width of the fabric and just under 50cm long and two long rectangular pieces for the waistband.

I used my overlocker/serger for most of the skirt which sped the process up a bit. I think the most time consuming part of this skirt was picking out the gathering stitches.

I serged the back skirt pieces and front skirts together, serged the front and back waistband together. 

Stitched three lines of gathering stitches, gathered, then sewed skirt and waistband together.

I understitched the waistband then inserted the invisible zipper, stitched up the back seam, stitched back waistband/facing to skirt, shortened skirt by 2", then tried my luck at rolled hems.

I figured out to deactivate the cutting blade then got rolling... half way through realised I was suppose to have the right side of fabric facing up... my hem was being rolled onto the right side! :(

I had to chop off the rolled hem and started again.

16.06.2012 - the day I did my first rolled hem!
Front waistband, stitching to stitch the inside waistband to the skirt.
The inside waistband.
Pretty and perfect gathering.
Understiching on the waistband.

Pattern: No pattern used
Size/Finished measurements: 70cm waist, width 2 metres, 45cm length
Fabric: 1m quilting cotton, 25cm cotton sateen
Notions: Invisible zipper (black) 7", Gutermann thread (156)
Time: 3 hours from cutting to slip stitching the facing/waistband
Cost: $8.50 for quilting cotton (on sale, RRP $17/m) and invisible zipper 

Techniques used: 
  •  Understitching
  •  Slip stiching
  •  Rolled hem
  • Gathering

This skirt was a joy to make. So simple and I got to brush up on some basic skills such as cutting and understitching (which I have only recently become a fan of). 

I have actually for once willingly incorporated some ease into the waist, it's not as figure hugging as I would like, but I'm sure I will be grateful for the ease one day when I'm at a family BBQ.

I decided to try the rolled hem on this skirt because I didn't want them hem to be finished on the machine and I didn't want to hand sew 2 metres of hem. Rolled hem sounded like the perfect solution. 

Looking back, maybe I should've used the "narrow" or baby hem... but either way I am happy with this skirt. 

I have to start sewing more separates! 

The print is so delicious!!!!!

Did I mention that the skirt is not lined??? Surprised! I am! These days I refuse to wear skirts without lining... all my RTW skirts must have lining too. I made the mistake of buying an unlined skirt last week and it is HELL when wearing it with stockings in winter. 

I also have to point out that I am so fussy now when I go shopping. I inspect the garments closely and I refuse to buy anything I can make. And everything must be lined. Is anyone else like this?

Next time I sew this, I might look at using a midriff piece (from one of my patterns) to give it some "curve" to wrap better around the waist. Or cut the waistband on the bias? Thoughts?

I am now very curious about quilting cotton and predict I might start using it to make fun skirts and dresses. The prints on quilting fabric is just so adorable! 

I'm glad I figured out the rolled hem function on my overlocker, very handy!

That's it from me, going to go back to my Breaking Bad marathon. Enjoy your weekend, "yo".


  1. So fun and cute! I love quick, easy project like this.

    1. Thanks Sue :) It's good to do something quick and easy, was fun to make, no stress!!

  2. Pretty. I don't pick out gathering stitches though lol. Call me lazy.

    1. I have to pick out my gathering stitches cos I use a different color thread and cos I sew three lines of gathering stitches, there's always stitches that sit below the seam. I don't bother with the hidden stitches :)

    2. Ah I see. I only use two, If I pulled them out of my last skirt it would have damaged the fabric lol. Too delicate plus they are hidden below the seam line, so I don't need to do it.

  3. Suuuuper cute! I love it! It's so flirty and fun! And isn't a rolled hem nice? It's so quick and easy!

    1. I love the rolled hem, must try the narrow hem next. Best thing ever!!

  4. Love it! BTW when are you sleeping? I saw you tweeting this at 4am??! When the boys were yelling and crying.
    This skirt looks great!!! Love it!

    1. Thanks Ling! I lost track of time! I started sewing at 9pm and finished after midnight. then I cleaned the house, had a shower, did some blogging, watched some Breaking Bad, made breakfast and finally went to be around 6:30AM, hehehehehe....

  5. It's lovely! You have learnt so much so quickly in your classes!
    I think quilting cotton shrinks more in the wash, so if you're going to use it more often, make sure you do a pre-wash!

    1. Hey Fi!

      Thanks for the tip on pretreating, i'll have to google to learn more bout it!

  6. i like the skirt, great fore the summer.
    ans it looks really easy to sew :)

  7. Very cute! I'm with you on understitching - I find it absolutely essential now. Kudos for trying the rolled hem. I have yet to be brave enough to do anything on my serger except finish the edges :-P

    1. Rolled hem was easy once I figured out how to deactivate the cutter and which settings to put the machine on. I took a photo of the setting before I changed them cos knowing me I'd forget then I'd never be able to serge my raw edges ever again!! Hehe.

  8. Very cute. I love me a gathered skirt, so easy and so fast.

    I LOVE "Breaking Bad", We recently discovered it and are watching season 1 at the moment. I recently discovered "Damages" as well, with Glenn Close. Great legal suspense TV show!

    1. I am starting season 4 tonight!! It is such a well put together show!!! I love legal shows, that might be next up on my to-watch list, as well as Entourage and maybe Games of Thrones. I like to binge-watch my shows.

  9. This looks great! And I do like your waistband... hmm a shaped one could be nice, looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)
    I made a skirt very similar to this (from a pattern, I should have just learned to draft my own eh?), and the waistband was on the bias. I don't really know what difference it made though, lol.

    1. I am no expert... but I think cutting it on the bias makes it more "hugging" to your body cos of the diagonal stretchiness... I was told that those dresses that are figure huggin (so huggin that they show your VPL) are cut on the bias.

  10. Wow this looks absolutely gorgeous, I love it! You're so talented and really encouraging me to get off my bum and do some sewing! XxxX

  11. I actually used quilting fabric for my first dress because it was on special and only $4 per metre. I found that it was good to use but the fabric did stretch a bit as I was sewing it. I think it is good to use for anything that is not figure-hugging but it won't work well on a fitted dress/skirt as it would stretch. I love this skirt and the choice of fabric! A lovely skirk for spring!


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