Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Scream Bloody Burda - WIP at Dressmaking Class.

Burda 7254 + Jersey x Virgin = Cries.

In the past, I have seen some of the girls in my sewing class throw their hands up in frustration and say they "hate" a dress and I always thought they were being a tad dramatic. Now I understand. 

They all warned me that Burda patterns are more difficult than Vogue but I got sucked into buying this pattern. Who can resist the sexy drawing on the envelope!

Pair that with slinky-malinky jersey and it's frustation X's 100! 

The cutting alone took 4 hours... okay, maybe 2 hours since I spend about half the time at class chit chatting... 2 hours of multiple anxiety attacks! Not fun. The fabric was shifting all over the place and I was too scared to handle it because it was so slinky and stretchy. Gahhhh!

I stabilized the facings and centre front pieces with McCalls Iron On Soft Knit interfacing. I was after 'textureweft' but Spotlight have discontinued it.

After the cutting came the tailors tacks. Gahhhh!
There was a million of them and the orange thread I chose gave me the heebie-jeebies - they looked like fiery leeches.

Tailors tacks on front dress piece.

Slinky jersey.

Pleats, pleats, and more pleats!

Last week I finally busted out my Brother and stitched the pleats into place and tonight I joined the 'front' pieces to the 'centre front' piece. 

My teacher helped me heaps with this since Burda instructions are vague and hard to understand compared to other patterns. I stabilized the "corners" on the centre front by stitching on the seam allowance, then I had to clip into the seam allowance so that the front piece could join the centre front. Bleh. Hard to explain!! 

Attach centre front piece instructions...

"Clip centre front piece into corner, close to stitching arrow" as per instructions.

Hand basted the corners for nice sharp corners.

I actually contemplated taking one term off class to get away from this ball breaking pattern... don't worry, I have re-enrolled and will be back next term to continue with this dress ;)

Front of the dress, sans sleeves, pinned.

Pleats look good, but I'd like to unpick and tweak a couple of them.

For weeks I felt like I was getting no where with this jersey nightmare. Finally there is some progress :D
I feel so much relief after getting the front and centre pieces pinned together. So much relief. 

To be continued...


  1. Holy crap, this post is giving me serious anxiety! I don't know how you've been able to stick with this project, but I'm glad you have 'cause this dress is going to be BALLA!

    1. Hey Ginger!
      Tell me about it! For the last few weeks I have dreaded going to my class because I didn't want to work on the dress. I keep thinking about how "accomplished" I will feel once I finish it to motivate me to keep at it! I can't sew with cotton sateen forever hey!

  2. Oh Burda, how you reel us in with your tantalizing dress drawings, only to sock us in the nose with terrible instructions! I think you're doing an excellent job sticking with it, and I am totally with you on being creeped out by those orange tailor's tacks!

    1. Socked in the nose, yep! I've spent majority of the last few classes with my head in my hnds :(
      I am hoping it's all smooth sailing from here on.
      There are two long darts in the back and some pleats on the sleeves.
      I'm hoping to finish it over the next ten classes (20 hours, less 5 hours tea and gossip time) so I can wear it at our end-of-year sewing class get together :)

  3. Looks very promising so far!! I can't wait to see more. :)
    I'm really impressed that you're working with jersey on this pattern - I've still never used jersey/knits (soon, hopefully!), so I wouldn't even know where to BEGIN on this amazing project.

    1. Thanks Sue! I thought I should break out of my comfort zone and sew with something other than cotton sateen. I should have chosen a heavier jersey!! But I couldn't find anything in the pattern I liked so I got this soft, slinky one. I wouldn't know where to begin with this pattern either without the help of my tutor!!!!! It's overwhelming :/

  4. You'll love the end result :) It's looking great! Keep going. Oh, and where did you get the textureweft? I've been trying to get my hands on some and can't find it anywhere!

    1. Hey Zo! I should clarify I actually got "McCalls IRON ON Softknit" interfacing. I got it from Spotlight. I think they are discontinuing "textureweft"

  5. So brave... keep on going you fearless sewer you! :)

  6. Neeno, that is going to be an amazing dress! I just love it!

  7. I'll be watching your blog for progress on this as I got suckered into buying the pattern earlier this year. All of those pleats didn't even register with me when I bought it ughhh

  8. Contemplating this pattern. i wonder if it would work to change the pleats to ruching?


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