Monday, 29 October 2012

Finished Project: The 'Mixed Print & Feelings' Dress.

I love this dress but at the same time I don't

This is the same pattern I used for my Halloween Dorothy costume but for some reason I'm not loving this version as much as the gingham one.

It could be because of the mixed print. Or the lace. Or the 'cream' color which I am paranoid makes me look washed out.

Or maybe I picked a really shit time of the day to take photos and the lighting is crap.

When I wear this dress and look in the mirror, I'm very happy with it... but it does not photograph well - even Instagram couldn't make me happy with the photos... and Instagram always makes me happy.

I spent about 13 hours over 3 days on this dress and it was my first time sewing with lace and underlining. I got a lot of helpful tips from Gertie's blog.

The effort that went into this dress is priceless - I measured each pleat on the skirt carefully, handpicked the zip, hand sewed the lining to the shell, trimmed the skirt and lining with lace, added a waist stay, french seams.

I have mixed feelings about this dress... I made it with the intention of wearing it to a work function next week, but now I'm not so sure...

What are your thoughts?

  • 0.5m lace (bodice)
  • 0.5m satin underlining (bodice)
  • 1m cotton/lycra (skirt and midriff band)
  • 1m bemsilk (lining)
  • Whisperweft interfacing
  • 14" dress zipper
  • 2m cream lace
  • 2m black lace
  • 1m grosgrain ribbon
  • Bikini hook
  • Gutermann thread

  • French seams
  • Underlining
  • Handpicked zip
  • Waist stay
  • Sewing with lace (got tips from Gertie's blog post)
  • Pleats
  • Bodice lining
Hours:  13 hours

Total cost:  about $40

I think I'll be spending this weekend sewing up another dress!


  1. Girl, I love it. The fit is perfect and you look hella cute

    1. Hey Cynthia, thanks!! There is something I need to fix on future dresses tho... the skirt back is way longer! Not sure if it's my posture of if the pattern itself dips backwards?!?!?!

  2. I think you should rock it!! Wow, that fit and the details are fantastic!

    1. I really love the lace details on the hem, makes everything look so neat <3

  3. I honestly didn't even notice that it was two different fabrics on the dress until you pointed it out! I think mixing/matching prints is tricky, but the colors and density here are so similar that I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I think it looks fine and you should wear it proudly!

    1. Maybe it's the similar color and density that is making me feel weird about it... gah! Either way, I've decided to wear it this weekend with a black blazer to my cousin's christening. I feel better when I wear some black :)

  4. This looks super cute on you, Neeno! The fit is fantastic as always but I'm not 100% sold on the different prints, though in saying that I do think it works. It might be because I'm reading this first thing in the morning and my brain hasn't woken up *yawn* Regardless, it looks lovely on you!

    1. When I see this dress hanging on the mannequin I think "wow so pretty" but I'm just not used to the beige-y color on my skin. If I saw this dress in a shop, I wouldn't buy it based on how the colour looks against my skin tone, but since I put my sweat, blood and tears into this dress (there is some blood - i pricked my finger when I was handsewing) I'm going to wear it this weekend to church, with a black blazer :)

  5. I love it! It's way trendy and fun! I mean, um, it looks terrible and you should definitely send it to me... yes!

  6. Hello, I really love all your projects! Hope you dont mind me asking where you went for class? thanks :)

  7. its absolutely gorgeous Neeno, Great Work, Great Skill, wear it to your work function....i love the lace on bodice

    1. I really, really wanted to wear it, but I don't think I will be comfortable in that color so I'm making another dress this weekend :)

  8. That some great attention to detail! I lazily have never lined a dress, do you just cut the pattern out twice?

    1. Hey Bridget, yep, you cut the pattern out twice - I find it is easier than facings... more time consuming but easier and it hides all the seams giving a more professional look :) plus the lining feels nice against the skin.

  9. If you really don't like it, you could turn the skirt part into a skirt, so you could wear it as a separate? And if you had more lace you could... turn it into a peplum top? I dunno, just some ideas for you :)
    It looks really good though! :D
    I especially love the lace!


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