Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Happy Halloween 2012 folks!

Firstly, to my blogging/sewing/internet friends in New York/affected by Hurricane Sandy: I am thinking of you all <3

I hope the storm hasn't caused too much damage and that your family and friends are safe xox

Here are some photos my Halloween weekend.

I had a tonne of fun in my me-made Dorothy dress and red DIY glittered heels. 

Everyone's costumes were fantastic!

I started at a friend's house party then went to Randy Dragon's Halloween event.

Check out the Mr 305 look-alike!

Hope you all had a great Halloween and got lots of candy! Can't wait to see all the costumes on your blog!

xox Neeno

This was in a TV Guide... Hahahah...


  1. Great costume, and yay for those glittery shoes! I like your funny pictures :)

  2. Cute costume!! And oh my god that TV guide is hilarious...

  3. So, so cute! You look adorable!

  4. Oh, you look so adorable in your costume! That movie review really made me laugh too!!

  5. Cute costume, and I love the TV guide description!

  6. Your costume turned out sooooo cute!!!! I love a nice modern twist on Dorothy :) You're adorable.

  7. Hi Neeno! You look so cute in these pics, hope you had an ace time. Thanks very much for your comment on my blog post about my sewing classes. In response to your question, I'd say that although there is no reason why you can't use knit/jersey fabric for patterns designed for woven fabric or vice versa, you are inviting a lot of headaches generally. Patterns designed for woven fabric have different fitting, fastening and ease issues than patterns designed for jersey fabrics and if you did mix it up and use something different, the result its more than likely to look a bit odd without a huge amount of tweaking. That's my opinion on the matter anyhow. Hope that helps xx


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