Saturday, 15 December 2012

Finished Project: A Viscose Dress, EOY-Dressmaking Class Party, Belated Me-Made-Weekend #OOTD #OOTN & Burda 7254.

Two weeks since my last post... sorry!! I'd like to say that I have been really busy with important stuff, but truth is I've just been lazy! It sounds bad but I've been spending up to 7 hours a night watching TV! The life of a single gal!

Thank you all for the very helpful advice on stain removal, I tried it all and the stain is almost gone, it's now a very light colour that is only visible when you look closely. Most of the stain is amongst the gathering of the skirt, thank God! I spent most of that weekend in the laundry aisle at Coles Supermarket and I now own every single stain removal product available which came in handy when I dropped beetroot on my white dress last night. I'm a stain removal queen now - I sprayed it with Preen Vanish then chucked it into the wash :)

The only sewing I have been doing has been at my Tuesday night sewing class - pants coming along nicely. I tried them on the other night, everyone in the class said they look good, but I am not used to wearing pants, I spend my life in dresses, skirts and occasionally jeans (which mould to my body) so having pants that just skim my body is a new feeling that I have to get used to. I'd love to master the pants so I can make some floral ones.

This post is dedicated to Candice (@Candyhi5) who tweeted me saying that she missed my blog and hoped that I would make something new soon or just blog about something. Aww, it's nice to be missed :) 

So here is a finish project that I finished on the 29th November 2012. I remember the exact date because it was the night before my work Christmas party and I decided last minute to add a zipper to the dress so I could wear it during the day on casual Friday then change into my 'corsage' floral dress for the function.

I give myself 5/10 for effort and care put into the making of this dress. I seriously CBF because the viscose was a real pain to work with. Fraying and warping and stretching... gahh!! 

I only lined the bodice and haven't even got around to handstitching the lining down. 
The hem is overlocked. And that's it. 
The bodice must have stretched because the waist line is about an inch lower than is usually is. 

Ah well. I still wore it at work and everyone said it was nice and really liked the fabric.

FINISHED PROJECT: A viscose dress...

I like print and how drapey the fabric is, but dislike all the stretching and warping and fraying.

The bodice is a modified version of V8511, skirt is a full gathered skirt. Basically the same dress that I made here and here but with a full gathered skirt instead of full circle.

EOY-Dressmaking Class Party...
What I wore: Vogue 8469 in Floral Fantasy Cotton Sateen (blogged here).
What was there: Ladies in their gorgeous me-made outfits, handmade outfits displayed on hangers & dressforms, 
a millinery demo by Helen of All That Jazz, patterns & fabrics for sale and heaps of yummy food for afternoon tea.
For the first time ever I forgot to take #foodgasm pics! Oops!
What I bought: A Simplicity Trims Wrights pattern from Helen for $10! 
She bought this pattern about 15 years ago and it's in mint condition, unopened. 
It's going to stay in mint condition as I don't think I'll be able to make this dress!
Looks gorgeous but there's like 28 pieces to cut out! 

Belated Me-Made-Weekend #OOTD #OOTN...
OCTOBER: Halloween Party at Randy Dragon - stripper in a gimp mask!
Wearing my Dorothy costume and DIY Red Glitter Heels.
Stripper in the gimp mask picked me up unexpectedly for a photo, I think he wanted to show off my heels?
Not a Anne Hathaway moment because I was wearing underwear (!!!!)
...but better to have the pumpkin there for the internet :D
This is a cute photo, I was dancing and twirling with my colleague and out of no where the other ladies photobombed!
2012 Christmas Party - I love photobooths!
Girlfriend from work, we look like sisters in this pic <3
All smiles before the red wine catastrophe!

Vintage Burda 7254...
I've decided to take about ten inches off the length of this dress. As much as I love the vintage below-the-knee look (blogged here), it simply won't get enough wear at that length, so that's my project for this weekend.
What do you think?

I don't know how much blogging I will do between now and new years so I'd like to take the opportunity now to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year. Don't party too hard! 

Love you all! Keep in touch via Twitter and Instagram!

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

I will never drink red wine again!

I knew it was going to happen, I just knew it. I copped a red wine stain on my beautiful 'corsage' floral dress.

I was about to wear a different dress to my Christmas party because I didn't want to risk red wine stains, cigarette smoke and burns - so many reckless people at these events - but at the last minute, I decided to wear this dress because I cbf finding the right shoes/bag/belt for the other dress.

Plus, this dress is much nicer.

I wore my dress with blue suede heels and a red leather clutch.

My very fit & healthy bestie from work - awesome body!
She's in her 40s but does not look it at all.
Her beautiful claret dress is ten years old!

My work hubby- 5 years & going strong.

I got heaps of compliments for my dress even from people I had never even seen in the company, which made me feel really good about my progress as a dressmaker.

About 1.5 hours into the party, I switched from white wine to red wine - worst decision of my entire life!!!! Within 5 minutes, some guy knocked me and spilled my my wine. Rude bastard didn't even apologize!!! So mad!!

I have no experience with stains so I didn't know what to do. The fabric soaked the wine up so quickly so I left it. I soaked the dress in soapy water when I got home at 3am - by this stage the stain had already been on the dress for about 8 hours.

This morning, I went to the supermarket and bought soda water and VANISH PREEN thanks to the advice I got from Twitter this morning. Thank you again ladies for your advice.

I poured soda water all over the stains, not sure if it helped because the stains were already dry, then sprayed the VANISH PREEN spray on them and let the spray sit for 5 minutes then put it in the washing machine.

I really hope I can get rid of the stains. I've already washed the dress twice with the VANISH PREEN spray... waiting for it to come out of the third wash now.

The stains are lighter than what it was, and it's mostly on the gathered skirt, so it may not be so noticeable... but still.

Saturating the stains!

I will keep spraying this stuff on the stains till I use up the whole bottle.
Is there anything else I should use on the stains? Is it worth taking to the drycleaners?

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