Sunday, 24 February 2013

My First Melbourne Social Sewing.


Hope your weekends are all going well!

Yesterday I attended my first Melbourne Social Sewing meet-up hosted by Rachel of My Messings.

It was a very productive day and it was wonderful to finally meet some of the sewing ladies of the Melbourne Sewing/Blogging scene. Also meet some new faces, which was lovely cos I love meeting new people.

Unfortunately I am very bad with names so I do not remember everyone's names :( Oanh is putting together a contact list, so that will be helpful.

I do remember 'Poppy Kettle', 'Sew Squirrel', 'Belle Belle'... and 'Jorth' who dropped in with her gorgeous daughter to say hello (Jorth was the first Melbourne sewing blog I found. I was/am obsessed with her V8511 dresses! I felt like a rock star had walked into the room when she arrived!).

Yes, I am still referring to the ladies by their blog names/Twitter handles I apologise... it was only my first meet, I get better with time :)

I was amazed at what everyone was working on and can't wait to see them finished and blogged. Definitely will try to make the next one.

Most of my time spent at Social Sewing, I worked on tracing and cutting out the pattern for Simplicity 2392 and Simplicity 2264. The URL is correct - I am working on babies patterns! My aunty Tia is about to have her second baby, a girl, and it's inspired me to work on some cute outfit for baby girls.
Something different, however I think I have under estimated how hard it would be! Buttons, rick-rack, embroidery, oh my! On the plus side, there were no darts on the patterns, woot.

Can't wait to show my mum these baby outfits once they're finished - when she encouraged me to take up sewing two years ago, her reason was "Learn to sew, so when you have a family you can make clothes for your kids" LOL.

Overwhelmed. Collars, Yokes, Bibs, Straps, Leg Elastic Guides, Embroidery Guides... OMG.
Simplicity 2264 - View C in cotton.

I made good use of the large tables and natural light and managed to trace cut and out both patterns as well as cut out fabric for the skirt (front and back), bib and straps for Simplicity 2264. Still need to buy white cotton for the bodice (front and back) and elastic and buttons! I'm telling you these baby outfits are more detailed than mine!!

I have all day Sunday free so if I have the energy I will work on my floral pants. Really keen to have them finished so I can wear them next weekend.

A girl can dream.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Burda Pants! Muslin finally finished.

Hi all!

Sorry I have been absent from my blog. I've been away for a few reasons:

1) No finished projects to share - sadly have not had the time or inspiration to work on any projects at home. I'm over making dresses and need a challenge... thinking a jacket or swimwear next.
2) No significant progress at class (till tonight that is!!) - just been making adjustments to my muslin, nothing photo worthy, and the olive fabric is so hideous, looks shocking on camera.
3) No camera - gave dad the camera over Christmas and haven't grabbed it back so you'll have to put up with my dodgy selfies taken on my iPhone 5.

I can't remember when I started these pants, it must have been November 2012? I missed two sewing classes so these pants that usually take 4 hours to whip up (so I hear) have taken me waaaay longer.

Last week I finally got somewhere with this baby! Somehow over the holiday period I lost 3cm off my hips. Wow, I been exercising for years and never lost any centimeters! We took the pants in the at hips and thighs, down to the knee and the pants stayed up! Woot!!

First pair of pants.
Burda 7371.
Muslin V1.0
Adjustment to the hips and upper outside leg.

When I was at home, I tried them on again. The fit on the bum was pretty good... I think!
But I noticed that my pants bunched at the front, worst when I had my legs together. 
I don't wear pants (except tight jeans) so have no idea how pants are meant to sit on your body. 
I spent the next 24 hours checking out strangers' crotches and consulting Twitter.
Got told by SixInchHeel they looked like MC Hammer pants. She was joking. I hope :/

Fit great at the hips and bum.
Standing with my legs apart cos there was bunching at the front when I close my legs, lol.
So much bunching I didn't even want to look down, or take a pic for the internet!

Tonight at class, I tried the pants on again. Everyone agreed there was looseness in the crotch area. Hrms. Anyways, unpicked the crotch and took the inside leg seams in. 

Adjustments to the inside leg.
Cut off the excess fabric from my muslin and transferred adjustment to my pattern.

I think they look much better. Look! Legs together! The photos and olive colour don't do the pants any justice, I'm really happy with how my muslin turned out.

Muslin V1.1
Legs closed! Looks much better!
Up close.
Quite wrinkly, I have no love for this olive pair.

Once I transferred the adjustments to my pattern, I abandoned my muslin (crotch still needs to be stitched, hemmed, facing hand stitched down) and started cutting into my gorgeous, gorgeous floral cotton sateen that I bought from Darn Cheap on Australia Day when I was hanging out with Ling.

What I'm making this weekend! The real deal.
Floral cotton sateen pants!

During tonight's class, I made adjustments to the muslin, cut into my floral cotton sateen, and interfaced the facings. Very productive evening :)

I might join the ladies at Sewing Social this Saturday! Who's coming?

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Last few weekends away from sewing...


I must apologise for being so slack with my sewing and blogging!

On Australia Day weekend, I planned to sew a full circle skirt for my little sister which would later become my second blog post for 2013 but I ended up inviting myself to Six Inch Heel's Australia Day BBQ!

On Australia Day, I travelled to the other side of the city to Six Inch's leafy green neighbourhood, such a nice change from the dry and burnt out west side of Melbourne!

Six Inch Heel was the first person I met from the internet (Twitter). We share a love of duplings (sic) from Shanghai Street and our first meeting was over a bowl of noodles at Melbourne Central, next to both our offices.

It was a great day, we ate BBQ, drank wine that was made by Six Inch's hubby and I met Vita of Making Up For My Age. Inpromptu blog-meet, woo.

After the BBQ, we all chilled and chatted then Six Inch Heel and I went for a drive to The Cloth Shop (unfortunately closed) then to Darn Cheap where I bought some amazing floral cotton sateen.

26th January 2013
Shh, don't tell hubby...!
Picked up Jam, Creme & Chocolat Beignets and Pane Au Chocolat for Six Inch and her beautiful boys 

Pickle and D from the best patisserie in the 
NW suburbs of Melbourne - Parisian Patisserie Boulangerie  
Dessert: Home-made chocolate gateaux and home-made ice 
cream!  Ice cream people! Ice cream!
Oh, best part, it was made by Six Inch Heel's hubby! 

Recipe here.
I have to say, this was one of the best glasses of wine I have had in my life! 
Grapes were from a vineyard Mick used to manage. 
If I wasn't driving that day I would have definitely had a second, third and fourth glass!
1.5m cotton sateen from Darn Cheap, Heidelberg.
More! 1.5m cotton sateen from Darn Cheap, Heidelberg.
I have an obsession with florals!
27th January 2013
As if I didn't indulge enough on Saturday, I met up with work hubby Dale and stuffed my face with
Toblerone Cheesecake from Blue Train Cafe, Southbank.
2nd February 2013
Coffee, coffee, coffee. 
Visited Market Lane Coffee to try their *mind fcuking* coffee and also had my first 'pour over' coffee. Loved it.
After my second coffee, I wandered around Chapel St feeling like I needed to head to a recovery club.
The coffee got me so buzzed!
I am very into fritters and have made it my mission in life to eat fritters at every breakfast establishment.
The corn fritters at The Mission Cafe are the best, in my opinion.
Brunch buddy had smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs. Nom.
Sunday 3rd Feb 2013
I met the gorgeous Erin of I-Heart-Fabric!
Erin and her partner were in Melbourne to see Swedish House Mafia so I suggested we meet up for coffee.
We had both joked to people that "Erin" and "Neeno" from the internet 

might actually turn out to be a couple of middle-aged men, not sweet little chickas like us!
Erin was awesome, we got on like a house on fire!
Definitely going to hang out with Erin if I'm ever in Brisbane.

So guys, this is what I've been up to while I've been away from sewing. 

My sewing class started last week, but unfortunately I was unwell so had to miss it. Will be there this Tuesday night for sure! 

Even though most of what I have been doing is food-related, I'm glad I squeezed in some fabric shopping and meet ups with other bloggers.

Catching up with Erin got me all excited and motivated to sew again! Thanks baby! 

Hopefully my next post will be 100% sewing related and maybe even a finished project!

How was your Australia Day weekend? 

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