Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Burda Pants! Muslin finally finished.

Hi all!

Sorry I have been absent from my blog. I've been away for a few reasons:

1) No finished projects to share - sadly have not had the time or inspiration to work on any projects at home. I'm over making dresses and need a challenge... thinking a jacket or swimwear next.
2) No significant progress at class (till tonight that is!!) - just been making adjustments to my muslin, nothing photo worthy, and the olive fabric is so hideous, looks shocking on camera.
3) No camera - gave dad the camera over Christmas and haven't grabbed it back so you'll have to put up with my dodgy selfies taken on my iPhone 5.

I can't remember when I started these pants, it must have been November 2012? I missed two sewing classes so these pants that usually take 4 hours to whip up (so I hear) have taken me waaaay longer.

Last week I finally got somewhere with this baby! Somehow over the holiday period I lost 3cm off my hips. Wow, I been exercising for years and never lost any centimeters! We took the pants in the at hips and thighs, down to the knee and the pants stayed up! Woot!!

First pair of pants.
Burda 7371.
Muslin V1.0
Adjustment to the hips and upper outside leg.

When I was at home, I tried them on again. The fit on the bum was pretty good... I think!
But I noticed that my pants bunched at the front, worst when I had my legs together. 
I don't wear pants (except tight jeans) so have no idea how pants are meant to sit on your body. 
I spent the next 24 hours checking out strangers' crotches and consulting Twitter.
Got told by SixInchHeel they looked like MC Hammer pants. She was joking. I hope :/

Fit great at the hips and bum.
Standing with my legs apart cos there was bunching at the front when I close my legs, lol.
So much bunching I didn't even want to look down, or take a pic for the internet!

Tonight at class, I tried the pants on again. Everyone agreed there was looseness in the crotch area. Hrms. Anyways, unpicked the crotch and took the inside leg seams in. 

Adjustments to the inside leg.
Cut off the excess fabric from my muslin and transferred adjustment to my pattern.

I think they look much better. Look! Legs together! The photos and olive colour don't do the pants any justice, I'm really happy with how my muslin turned out.

Muslin V1.1
Legs closed! Looks much better!
Up close.
Quite wrinkly, I have no love for this olive pair.

Once I transferred the adjustments to my pattern, I abandoned my muslin (crotch still needs to be stitched, hemmed, facing hand stitched down) and started cutting into my gorgeous, gorgeous floral cotton sateen that I bought from Darn Cheap on Australia Day when I was hanging out with Ling.

What I'm making this weekend! The real deal.
Floral cotton sateen pants!

During tonight's class, I made adjustments to the muslin, cut into my floral cotton sateen, and interfaced the facings. Very productive evening :)

I might join the ladies at Sewing Social this Saturday! Who's coming?


  1. Oh man! I will DIE for those floral pants. They are going to look *SO* good!! I have heard really good things about Sewaholic's thurlow trousers, too. Pants are on my list...

    1. I have always longed for floral pants!!!!! Can't wait! really hoping to finish them this weekend, wish me luck!

  2. Ohhhhh I am so excited to see themm.. I don't mind the olive ones actually!! chuck some gold metalic and they would look hot.
    Love the shoes
    "I spent the next 24 hours checking out strangers' crotches" pissed myself haha

    1. Hahahaha, I must have made soooo many people uncomfortable in the lifts at work :/

  3. Yay you got the muslin finished!!! They look cool and the floral sateen ones are going to be freaking awesome!! Cant wait to see them. New challenge sounds like a great idea swimwear and jacket sounds fun! Jetstar sale come in today but no Brissy to Melbs :( Waaahhh!!

    1. Did you see the Tiger $10 sale??? Come down later in the year :P

  4. Nice! The idea of floral pants... that'll really suit you! Exciting!

  5. Wow, how fun! These look great!

  6. Great work on the pants, I can't wait to see the floral version! Love the shoes too!


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