Sunday, 24 February 2013

My First Melbourne Social Sewing.


Hope your weekends are all going well!

Yesterday I attended my first Melbourne Social Sewing meet-up hosted by Rachel of My Messings.

It was a very productive day and it was wonderful to finally meet some of the sewing ladies of the Melbourne Sewing/Blogging scene. Also meet some new faces, which was lovely cos I love meeting new people.

Unfortunately I am very bad with names so I do not remember everyone's names :( Oanh is putting together a contact list, so that will be helpful.

I do remember 'Poppy Kettle', 'Sew Squirrel', 'Belle Belle'... and 'Jorth' who dropped in with her gorgeous daughter to say hello (Jorth was the first Melbourne sewing blog I found. I was/am obsessed with her V8511 dresses! I felt like a rock star had walked into the room when she arrived!).

Yes, I am still referring to the ladies by their blog names/Twitter handles I apologise... it was only my first meet, I get better with time :)

I was amazed at what everyone was working on and can't wait to see them finished and blogged. Definitely will try to make the next one.

Most of my time spent at Social Sewing, I worked on tracing and cutting out the pattern for Simplicity 2392 and Simplicity 2264. The URL is correct - I am working on babies patterns! My aunty Tia is about to have her second baby, a girl, and it's inspired me to work on some cute outfit for baby girls.
Something different, however I think I have under estimated how hard it would be! Buttons, rick-rack, embroidery, oh my! On the plus side, there were no darts on the patterns, woot.

Can't wait to show my mum these baby outfits once they're finished - when she encouraged me to take up sewing two years ago, her reason was "Learn to sew, so when you have a family you can make clothes for your kids" LOL.

Overwhelmed. Collars, Yokes, Bibs, Straps, Leg Elastic Guides, Embroidery Guides... OMG.
Simplicity 2264 - View C in cotton.

I made good use of the large tables and natural light and managed to trace cut and out both patterns as well as cut out fabric for the skirt (front and back), bib and straps for Simplicity 2264. Still need to buy white cotton for the bodice (front and back) and elastic and buttons! I'm telling you these baby outfits are more detailed than mine!!

I have all day Sunday free so if I have the energy I will work on my floral pants. Really keen to have them finished so I can wear them next weekend.

A girl can dream.


  1. How lovely:)
    I cant wait to see your pantssssss.. AH

  2. Ahh baby clothes must be fun, all those cutesy details that look silly on adults' garments. Hope you have fun with this! And congrats on your meet up!

  3. My family are all having boys at the moment. I wish someone would have a girl so I could make something cute!

  4. So lovely you could come along! Those patterns are so super cute, and I'm a huge fan of asymmetrical polka dots :)

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