Tuesday, 23 April 2013

RSS? Feedly, Flipboard, Newsify & Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later)... help.

Who's overwhelmed and freaking out about Google Reader shutting down?

I wasn't. Not really, cos I never used Google Reader before! 

I "follow" blogs on Google or Blogger (wevs it's called) so I can be Google friends with my fellow bloggers but I stream all my blogs into Bloglovin' and read them there. 

I admit I got a little concerned because I've recently started trying to figure out using Flipboard on my iPhone. I use sooo much social media that it's exhausting.

Every day I have to catch up on tweets from two profiles, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Kik, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Bloglovin'... my goodness. 

Figured it would be easy to have at least one Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, news and blogs feed into one app so I don't develop severe RSI on my thumb. This is how I discovered how important "Google Reader" was to me. I found that I couldn't add single blogs/URLs but had to use my Google Reader.

What a headache. I have so many blogs on my Google Reader that I don't actually read anymore and I certainly didn't want that clogging up my feed, getting in the way of finished projects and pattern reviews and MMMay!

Up until today, I didn't even know what RSS is... still don't actually.
Here's what I think I know about the apps... feel free to comment and educate me. I beg you too.

Uses Google Reader to feed in content, can use on desktop, yay can read blogs at work. 
Not sure what is going to happen when Google Reader is phased out... 
I'm re-adding all my blogs by going to each one and clicking on RSS option.
I've installed Feedly for Google Chrome which has been working well at home and work, syncs with the iPhone app. Finding that it's feeding same content into Newsify.
This is my pick at the moment simply because I can easily use it on the desktop, same way I use Bloglovin' and the iPhone app is not too bad.

Feeds Google Reader content and every other social media site you can think of! 
Again, not sure what happens when Google Reader is gone... not actively using Flipboard for blogs right now, just for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Would be great if it could feed multiple Twitter accounts into it.

Syncs your Google Reader (Google Reader transition info), RSS feeds from news sites and blogs with RSS option... 
Finding that it's feeding same content from Feedly. Not sure how they are linked. Prob through Google. So confused.

POCKET formerly Read It Later: 
This is the only app I am 100% confident about. 
You link it with your Twitter and RSS/Feeder apps and articles/posts/links that you want to "read later" you save into this app. Genius. Why did I never use this before?! 

I think my RSS thing has been broken for the last two years? 
Not sure if anyone has been able to subscribe to my RSS feed for posts and comments or able to "+" my blog to the apps above, but it's now fixed.

To fix this, I had to go into my blogger -> settings -> other -> add my "Post Feed Redirect URL" which I got from Feedburner.

Subscribe by email was working fine though.

Found out my RSS thingo was broken when I was trying to "+" my own blog to Feedly, and it kept saying my URL didn't exist. Fixed now, go on, click on "RSS Feed" on the side and let me know if it works, LOL.

I'm testing out all 3 of those apps, logging into them using a different Google account, and refollowing all my blogs.

Mammoth task... so far I've only added about 10 blogs that I read frequently and know URLs off the top of my head. Basically I'm going to manually sort through my Google Reader and Bloglovin' account to find the blogs I want (still read) and build from the ground up again, what a ball breaker!

And if all I'm doing when I "+" these URLs to Feedly and Newsify is adding them to my Google Reader (which is getting phased out) I AM GOING TO CRY.

This post was not intended to be useful... more of a cry for help I think. I don't even know if I have made sense :/

What do I do? What are you guys doing?

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Finished Project: A self-drafted asymmetrical collar.

Pattern Review: V8511 (bodice only)

Size: 6 bust, 8 waist
Fabric: 1.5m cotton sateen (Darn Cheap), 0.7m bemsilk lining (Spotlight)
Notions: Dress zipper 22", Gutermann thread, 0.8m grosgrain ribbon, 1 bikini hook
Time: 10-12 hours, over 4 days.
Cost: Fabric $20, Lining $7, Zipper $2, Grosgrain Ribbon $2, Bikini Hook 0.50c
Pattern Modification/Adjustments:
  • Added self-drafted asymmetrical collars
  • Replaced tulip skirt with full gathered skirt
Techniques Used:
I am head-over-heels for this fabric! 

Sometimes all you need to get you out of a sewing rut is some oh-hot-damn floral cotton sateen.

This is my jam. Definitely.
I found this baby last Saturday. After having lunch with @SixInchHeel and fam bam I decided to do a drive around town looking for fabric. Ended up taking these four home.

I was in love with the it because it reminded me of the forest, foliage, butterflies? When I got home I washed and ironed and got to work cutting out the V8511.

Favourite part of sewing process - stepping back and admiring the perfectly cut pieces.

Like my 'corsage floral dress' I didn't cut the bodice on the centre fold. I wanted the perfect butterfly to adorn the centre of my princess seamed bodice. 

Same deal with the collars, I wanted a nice big flower so this meant that the collars used up a chunk of fabric I reserved for my skirt so the skirt ended up not as full.

The skirt length was 19" (SA and 3cm hem included).
The finished skirt hem measurement was 62".

Stay stitched around neckline and arm hole curves.
I re-used the collar pattern I drafted when I made the red V8511 work dress

By midnight Saturday I finished the shell and collars. Rewarded myself with back-to-back episodes of Californication and some wine :D

Hard at WIP on a Saturday night.
Sunday afternoon, I cut out the lining, bagged the bodice, understitched and prepped the skirt pieces (side seams frenched, three rows of gathering stitches).

Bodice lined with cream bemsilk.
Side seams matching perfectly.
Monday night I attached the skirt to the bodice. My unpicker was my BFF that night cos fabric kept getting caught, zz. 

Green grosgrain ribbon waist stay went on, and final fitting. Hurrah it fit. 

I took a couple of days break to focus on work and gym (went twice this week, yay... dined out 7 times, lol) and Wednesday I handpicked the zipper and handsewed the hem.

I love handpicking - more control and it's therapeutic.
Love those pricks!

I finished the dress in time to wear to my friends 30th birthday dinner last night at Rosetta.
All the bread, pasta, potato, pannacotta and wine I consumed was nicely hidden under the full skirt. DRESSES FTW.

ASOS Linen blazer, ASOS glitter skinny belt, ALL THAT JAZZ handmade vintage look clutch.
Waist stay!
#selfie :P
I love the V8511 bodice. I've perfected the fit and have used it to make many dresses. This is almost overtaking the McCalls 5845 as my favourite because it has no darts (I don't like marking darts!!)

Collars - Slit & Cummerbund - Scooped Back & Full Circle Skirt 1 & 2 - Gathered Skirt - Full Gathered Skirt & Collars.
Once I find a pattern that works, I tend to get obsessed and addicted to hacking it... nothing wrong with that hey, and I'm not the only one, my interstate blogger mate Erin of I-Heart-Fabric is currently in love with beautiful BurdaStyle 120 and has made soooo many versions of the same pattern. 

I didn't even realise they were all the same pattern cos the fabrics make each dress look completely different. Go check out Erin's dresses, they are to die for <3

I hope you all had a fun weekend. I definitely did. I ate way to much good food (blogged here), caught up with a few of my friends and to top it off the Melbourne weather was marvelous :) 

I have a long weekend next week so I'm planning to make another dress... don't be surprised if it's another V8511 with self-drafted collars and a full skirt.

If it ain't broke....!!

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

#MMMay13 & a preview of my asymmetrical collared dress.


It's that time again... the time I contemplate whether I should participate in MMM'13!

Me-Made-May is on again... read more about it on Zoe's blog.

Last year I took part, and I personally believe I smashed the challenge :P (blogged here) but this year I'm not sure if I have enough outfits to go around :/

The challenge was a lot of fun, it encouraged me to accessorize and also helped me identify gaps in my wardrobe. That "gap", sad to say, is still there. Oops.

I'm sure since May 2012 I have sewed heaps but it's all a blur!! One think I know for sure is, the majority of my me-mades are floral dresses. I did make pants, but they are also floral. Oh, and don't fit, hahaha.

I'll have to take a peek at my me-made wardrobe this weekend.

Who's taking up the challenge this year? And how many outfits are you pledging to wear?

I'll leave you with a preview of my next blog post... collars yay.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Finished Project & Pattern Review: Burda 7371 Pants.

My blogging and sewing efforts have been totally pathetic this year, I apologise!!

These pants were finished a while back but a few 'issues' have stopped me from blogging about them:
  • no camera (iphone mirror selfies, facepalm)
  • pants don't fit any more!!
Note to self - don't bother making pants because your weight fluctuates constantly and your problem areas grow a crazy two inches on your fat days!


How annoying!! The muslin fit fine. Who knows what happened with this one. They fit, but I'm afraid to wear them out in public for fear of my ass seams splitting or dying from severe camel toe.

It's a shame because the print and texture of the fabric is heavenly!

I don't wear pants at all so if these pants had fit, I would have had trouble styling them.

Pattern Review: Burda 7371 Pants

Size: 10 with adjustments, naturally
Fabric: 1.5m cotton sateen (Darn Cheap)
Notions: Invisible zipper 8", Gutermann thread, whisperweft interfacing
Time: Not long at all, maybe 8 hours? I took my sweet time with these
Cost: Fabric $20; Zipper $2; Interacing: stash
Pattern Modification/Adjustments: See this post :)

Not much to say bout these pants except that I'm glad I made something other than a dress for once.

I think dresses are my calling though. I've decided to stay home tonight, get on the red wine, pump up some music and get into some serious cutting and bodice bagging.

Went shopping today and bought some cotton sateen and notions.

I'm going to make a dress for work using the 'top right' fabric, something with collars and a full skirt to accommodate my forever fluctuating waist.

I am taking a break from my weekly dressmaking class this term. I've been struggling to get myself to class and now that daylight savings has ended and winter is coming, I know my motivation to leave the house will be zero. Also, I am going to shift some of my focus back to fitness (gym was what I used to do with my spare time before sewing) so I have and find a balance for the two.

Gym is not a hobby at all, I enjoy running as it clears my head, but it's no where near as fun as whipping up a dress however I need to look after my health, and maybe after a few months I'll be able to fit into these Burda pants :P

My blog will probably be very quiet compared to last year, but I will endeavour to blog at least every fortnight. 

I'll work on my New Look 6570 coat next term.

In the meantime, keep in touch via my Instagram.

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