Thursday, 18 April 2013

#MMMay13 & a preview of my asymmetrical collared dress.


It's that time again... the time I contemplate whether I should participate in MMM'13!

Me-Made-May is on again... read more about it on Zoe's blog.

Last year I took part, and I personally believe I smashed the challenge :P (blogged here) but this year I'm not sure if I have enough outfits to go around :/

The challenge was a lot of fun, it encouraged me to accessorize and also helped me identify gaps in my wardrobe. That "gap", sad to say, is still there. Oops.

I'm sure since May 2012 I have sewed heaps but it's all a blur!! One think I know for sure is, the majority of my me-mades are floral dresses. I did make pants, but they are also floral. Oh, and don't fit, hahaha.

I'll have to take a peek at my me-made wardrobe this weekend.

Who's taking up the challenge this year? And how many outfits are you pledging to wear?

I'll leave you with a preview of my next blog post... collars yay.


  1. Oh wow I love the dress cant wait to see more photos, awesome print! I can finally participate this year in MMM13 since I have a years worth of sewing. Not sure how many days though I might have to make a few more tops for those days I don't want to wear dresses lol.

  2. I signed up, too! I've only been sewing my own cloths since January, so I had to make a modified MMM13 pledge. But I think I've already got a good base of handmade to work from, or at least we'll find out!

    By the way, always love seeing your work! They have great style and totally inspire me!

  3. Oh how I've missed your gorgeous dresses! I hope you do MMM13 because I really want to see your outfit posts! I signed up for one garment a day-- eek! I'm a little nervous about if I'll have enough clothes!

  4. gorgeous print on the dress! I've taken up the pledge this year for the first time, I've gone for one hand made item five times a week well at least thats the plan. I hope you do it would love to see your outfits :)


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