Tuesday, 23 April 2013

RSS? Feedly, Flipboard, Newsify & Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later)... help.

Who's overwhelmed and freaking out about Google Reader shutting down?

I wasn't. Not really, cos I never used Google Reader before! 

I "follow" blogs on Google or Blogger (wevs it's called) so I can be Google friends with my fellow bloggers but I stream all my blogs into Bloglovin' and read them there. 

I admit I got a little concerned because I've recently started trying to figure out using Flipboard on my iPhone. I use sooo much social media that it's exhausting.

Every day I have to catch up on tweets from two profiles, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Kik, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Bloglovin'... my goodness. 

Figured it would be easy to have at least one Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, news and blogs feed into one app so I don't develop severe RSI on my thumb. This is how I discovered how important "Google Reader" was to me. I found that I couldn't add single blogs/URLs but had to use my Google Reader.

What a headache. I have so many blogs on my Google Reader that I don't actually read anymore and I certainly didn't want that clogging up my feed, getting in the way of finished projects and pattern reviews and MMMay!

Up until today, I didn't even know what RSS is... still don't actually.
Here's what I think I know about the apps... feel free to comment and educate me. I beg you too.

Uses Google Reader to feed in content, can use on desktop, yay can read blogs at work. 
Not sure what is going to happen when Google Reader is phased out... 
I'm re-adding all my blogs by going to each one and clicking on RSS option.
I've installed Feedly for Google Chrome which has been working well at home and work, syncs with the iPhone app. Finding that it's feeding same content into Newsify.
This is my pick at the moment simply because I can easily use it on the desktop, same way I use Bloglovin' and the iPhone app is not too bad.

Feeds Google Reader content and every other social media site you can think of! 
Again, not sure what happens when Google Reader is gone... not actively using Flipboard for blogs right now, just for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Would be great if it could feed multiple Twitter accounts into it.

Syncs your Google Reader (Google Reader transition info), RSS feeds from news sites and blogs with RSS option... 
Finding that it's feeding same content from Feedly. Not sure how they are linked. Prob through Google. So confused.

POCKET formerly Read It Later: 
This is the only app I am 100% confident about. 
You link it with your Twitter and RSS/Feeder apps and articles/posts/links that you want to "read later" you save into this app. Genius. Why did I never use this before?! 

I think my RSS thing has been broken for the last two years? 
Not sure if anyone has been able to subscribe to my RSS feed for posts and comments or able to "+" my blog to the apps above, but it's now fixed.

To fix this, I had to go into my blogger -> settings -> other -> add my "Post Feed Redirect URL" which I got from Feedburner.

Subscribe by email was working fine though.

Found out my RSS thingo was broken when I was trying to "+" my own blog to Feedly, and it kept saying my URL didn't exist. Fixed now, go on, click on "RSS Feed" on the side and let me know if it works, LOL.

I'm testing out all 3 of those apps, logging into them using a different Google account, and refollowing all my blogs.

Mammoth task... so far I've only added about 10 blogs that I read frequently and know URLs off the top of my head. Basically I'm going to manually sort through my Google Reader and Bloglovin' account to find the blogs I want (still read) and build from the ground up again, what a ball breaker!

And if all I'm doing when I "+" these URLs to Feedly and Newsify is adding them to my Google Reader (which is getting phased out) I AM GOING TO CRY.

This post was not intended to be useful... more of a cry for help I think. I don't even know if I have made sense :/

What do I do? What are you guys doing?


  1. Here's something from Feedly: “Google announced today that they will be shutting down Google Reader. This is something we have been expecting for some time: We have been working on a project called Normandy which is a feedly clone of the Google Reader API – running on Google App Engine. When Google Reader shuts down, feedly will seamlessly transition to the Normandy back end. So if you are a Google Reader user and using feedly, you are covered: the transition will be seamless."

    So us google reader users should be (hopefully!) fine when it's finally shut down :)

  2. You can export your feeds from Google Reader, you don't need to do import manually %-0

    1. Hey Sveta, I've decided to manually re-follow my blogs so I can do a big clean up and get rid of blogs that are no longer active or I no longer read :)

  3. I used Bloglovin' for a while, but gave it up because it will NOT work on my android phone. That's a deal breaker for me. I need to see the SAME feed on my phone, tablet and laptop. Feedly actually works really, really well for me. They seem to have kicked things into high gear and have been doing all sorts of tweeks and updates that are making my experience smoother. I'm the sort that doesn't want a whole bunch of bells and whisltes. I just want a list, in order of date with a blurb and a teaser pic. Feedly lets me skip all the glossy magazine format stuff and gives me the list I want. I'm curious to see how they manage when the Google back up is shut down.

    1. I found Bloglovin' app sooooo shit on the iPhone!! I basically only used it on the desktop at work because I was to lazy to research for an alternative. The site was so buggy.

      Really getting into Feedly, it's great on the desktop, clean and uncluttered. Simple. I agree with you. I have to get used to the iPhone app though, I'm sure in time I will love it.

      I'm giving Newsify a go cos apparently it's one of the best... I like the app on iphone, also very clean.

      I was playing with Flipboard on the way to work this morning, I like it for Twitter because it gives a preview of photos, no need to click on urls like on Twitter app.

      The thing that overwhelms me is having too many apps hehe.

  4. My head hurts just thinking about having to change from Google Reader, I keep putting off finding a replacement then one day it will be too late! I'm thinking either Feedly or Pocket at the moment, both seem ok but just need to stop being a chicken and give it a go.

    1. For the moment I am still using Bloglovin and slowly adding to my Feedly.
      Since Bloglovin updated their interface it has been more pleasant to use!!
      I don't think Pocket is an RSS reader... more of a "read later" tool - i think!! :)

  5. I wasn't too concern either. Namely I'm old school and prefer finding blogs on the fly :)


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