Saturday, 4 May 2013

Away from Sewing: Surprise gift from I-Heart-Fabric, Kettlebells, Me-Made-Saturday, New Cotton Sateen.

Me-Made-Saturday, Megan Nielsen, #FMSphotoaday, Kettlebells.

It's Saturday night and I am buggered!!!

I really wanted to start on a muslin for the Butterick 6582 but the hot water bottle and bed is so much more inviting. In my defense I've had a busy week... so busy that a package arrived on the 26th April and I wasn't able to collect it until today!! Nine days later!

The package was from sweet Erin of I-Heart-Fabric. This girl is a sewing machine! Pun intended??

I met Erin in February when she came to Melbourne to see Swedish House Mafia concert. We really hit it off and keep in touch regularly via text, Twitter and Instagram.

Erin has sent me a Megan Nielsen dress pattern!!

I love it baby, thank you!!! I will step out of my comfort zone and finally make something with sleeves, just for you. Keep an eye out in the post this week for a little something-something to show my appreciation ;) Hint: We will soon be dress twins!

Me-Made-Saturday: M5850, cotton sateen version blogged here. Worn for the first time today.
Floral linen blend version blogged here.

Time got away from me and I wasn't able to officially pledge to take part in MMMay13 however I've decided to sporadically take part and pledge to wear at least one me-made garment on the weekend. Weak, I know, considering I wore 16 outfits last year however I simply do not have any me-mades to wear during the week at work :(

Along with the #MMMAy13 challenge, I'm also doing the #FMSphotoaday challenge for the first time on Instagram. Really enjoying it so far. Tomorrow's prompt is 'paper'... I predict I'll be snapping a pic of some pattern tissue paper!

Fitness time! I've started kettlebell classes on Saturday mornings, it's a great work out, I should be able to get into those Burda pants in no time, haha. I was highly amused last Sunday when I woke up and could not move a muscle in my body. I literally rolled out of bed. On to the floor.

After today's kettlebell class, I rushed home to get ready for a BBQ at SixInchHeel's for bub D's 4th birthday. Her two boys are super adorable and so well behaved.

Hrm, how is it that two girls that have 1000s of pics of dumprings and coffee on their iphones have never taken of photo together... SixInch, we're doing a selfie together next time!

Lamb rubbed w/ afgan spice, Aunty Neeno hanging with D,
L & D pointing at Spiderman birthday cake, NOM #lunch.

After the birthday, SixInchHeel and I headed out to Darn Cheap. Seriously, this woman is like my muse. Every time I see her, I have the urge to go buy fabric and go home and sew. Today I bought 5 meters of cotton sateen. Florals, of course!

The top floral I bought so I can be fabric twins with Erin, see her dress here. The other floral below, is same print as this (I bought few weeks ago after lunch with SixInchHeel), but in brown.

Can't wait to cut you all up!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I'm looking forward to the Julia Bobbin Mad Men Challenge reveal tomorrow! Can't wait to see all the dresses.


  1. What a fun gift! You'll look adorable in the Darling Ranges dress! And ohhhhh! Those little boys are SO CUTE! What little heartbreakers! :D

    My brother keeps trying to get me to do kettlebell, but it seems so scary! I'm impressed that you're doing it!

    1. I'm so scared I'll drop a kettle bell on my head!! I think it's a fun work out and 45 mins goes by so quickly. I've always hated group fitness but this is really fun! Highly recommend it babe.

  2. What a nice suprise! I can't wait to see it made up :)

    1. Me too! I hope there's not too many adjustments :)

  3. Aww the dress looks so cute on you, I noticed you wore a cardi to cover the underarms/side boob? lol
    Loving the florals :)

    1. Yes!!! :) I have a long upper torso or something and strapless dresses look terrible on my. Passible with a cardigan but this dress is still in my "lesser loved" pile.

  4. Your so cute!! So glad you like it and you really didn't have to send anything back but If it means we can be dress twins I'm super excited!! Lol. I'm always secretly copying your style anyway hehe!! Can't wait to see what you make up with that floral fabric I'm sure they will be totally gorgeous!! Photos are adorable and your food pics always makes me so hungry lol!! Good luck with the me may made hope you have fun! I'm trying to make a heap more tops but running out of time for my hens outfit!! I don't even know what to make.

    1. Sharing is caring babe! Of course I have to send you something :)
      I'll send it off tmrw afternoon. Can't wait to see what u do with it :D:D:D:D
      It's hard doing MMM cos it's so cold and all I have are dresses :(
      OMG I need to see this hen's outfit!!!!!!


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