Thursday, 16 May 2013

My New Sewing Room & Mothers Day.

After almost 2 years of sewing in my lounge room next to the heater with the TV playing back-to-back episodes of Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives in the background; graduating from the dining table to a sewing Horn; I have finally moved my sewing machine into my spare room! I finally have a sewing room!

It's much colder sewing in the spare room now that it's freezing in Melbourne, but I'm more motivated to start projects because I know I can leave my shit every where.. because it's my sewing room! When I was sewing in the living area, I had to tidy up after every session and sometimes I just cbf'd so I'd skip sewing altogether. Or I'd start a project late at night, nod off then have visitors the next day getting stabbed by pins in the carpet. Zz. 

Another huge plus is the light-coloured table I now use for cutting - it's awesome! I can easily see the pattern when I'm tracing.

I'm currently working on the Butterick 6582. My favorite versions are by Dapper Duds (love, love, LOVE the fabric and the alteration to the back) and Laika Doll (pink elephants, nuff said!).

The fabric is cotton sateen from Darn Cheap. I'll of course be making the full skirt version. I was very close to making the wiggle skirt, but I am still not confident with alterations around my hip/bum area.

Last week I made a toile/muslin to check the fit because the finished bust measurement was 91cm (size 6) and I'm 80cm. Muslin fit perfect though. To help gauge the fit, I basted a zipper on to the bodice and zipped myself up. Great solution when you live alone. 

The dress has facings but I'm going to fully line the bodice cos I find lining a dress easier than facing facings. Hehe. I'll see if I still feel that way after marking and sewing another six darts. Damn.

To be continued.... 

Mothers Day! I didn't get up to much with mum (compared to last year), this year I just took mum out for dinner at Simon's Peiking Duck Restaurant (thank you Pork Chops Nest for the recommendation!) and made her a card. I love Hallmark's personalised cards! Get on it.

Mum loves Asian cuisine (don't we all!) and I've never had peking duck (only roast duck, which up until last year I thought was peking duck) so I was really excited to try it. Mum loved it! We were hoping the owner Simon would come and throw pancakes at us but sadly he was busy with the larger tables. We did get to chat to him at the end of the night though, and got a photo too! 

Mum, Simon (owner), little sis, me.
Look at mum all rugged up!! It's seriously cold in Melbourne right now!!! My sister and I were freezing our asses off! I would share delicious food pics from the night on here... but they're on my Instagram... and this is a sewing blog so I'll try and stay on topic hehe.

I hope all you mums got spoiled on the weekend, breakfast in bed and the works :D

And to my own mummy - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, LOVE YOU LOTS!


  1. mmmmm, duck!

    I recently moved from my dining room table to the spare room as well. LOVE it! You will, too! Mine is always a mess, but that's the beauty of it. I am so much more productive, and the rest of my apartment is much cleaner :)

  2. Horn are fabulous! I was sharing a bedroom until just before easter and I totally agree that leaving your bits and pieces every where and not having to pack up is AWESOME! And would you believe I am working on the same dress pattern for my graduation in August! I'm using a floral too - pretty sure its upholstery fabric that my grandma bought for some chairs but its so old fashioned looking and with the weight will drape very nicely. I've also made the wiggle version and its a really nice fit - it was a bit tight around the hips but I was able to over come that but just making the side seams narrower. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Your new sewing space looks great. Mine is cold too, but worth it for all the reasons that you outline!

  4. I love that fabric, gonna look gorgeous when its made up! I love my sewing room, its so much easier to sew when you have a dedicated spot for everything and can leave it halfway through and not have to pack up

  5. I love the fabric that you are using for the dress. I have that pattern as well and really want to make the wiggle dress but even after losing so much weight, my hips are still huge! Peking duck place looks good as well. WIll have to add it to my wishlist on Urbanspoon!

  6. Having a sewing room is a real pleasure! I think you will have more productivity now, it's easy to resume work where you left it the night before ... I'm totally in love with this pattern, it is in my wish list .. I will be attentive to the changes and the final product ... surely it will be fantastic! Love your pics about family life ... not only sewing .. I'll keep you on Instagram so I can drool with that delicious food ...

  7. Babe your an absolute crack up haha so glad you sorted yourself your own sewing room. You have to pack it with some extra heaters to keep you cosy! That fabric looks so pretty can't wait to see the dress I'm sure it will work out amazing. Your family photos are so gorgeous. My poor mum is still waiting for her pressy to arrive lol.


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