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Finished Project & Pattern Review: Butterick 6582 Retro 60s Dress.

Finished project, yay. 

The Butterick 6582 Retro 60s dress was conceived in my "sewing room" about 5 weeks ago and I put the finishing touches on it tonight.

I absolutely love my sewing room (though my gas bill won't!!) it gets cold in there so to heat the room up I crank the heater up high during the evening. During the day it gets awesome warm sunshine so it's a really nice space to kick back and sew!

Last weekend I finished the bodice. The bodice is fully lined - no facings. I didn't have time during the week to sew so I had to wait till the weekend.

On Saturday after a day of kettlebells, brunching and a four hour nap; I cut out my gathered skirt, gathered it and attached it to the bodice.

On Sunday morning I woke up early and hand picked the zipper. I used a black 18" dress zipper I found in my stash... you could say I was 'stash busting'! Haha, not really, I just didn't want to go all the way to the shops for a $2 zip.

I love the handpicked look. I still have to work on my 'zip positioning' technique - the zip is not dead centre so the pricks are not even on both sides.

Waist seam matches, clap clap!!

I love the faux wrap bodice and the gathered shoulders. Too cute!!

The one feature of this dress that I liked was the fact that the front bodice was one big pattern piece, and one small shoulder piece, which joins the main bodice piece to make the "faux wrap".

Because of the way the pattern pieces were designed, I had the option of laying the pieces out on the fabric to choose where the flowers would end up (like I did with my V8511 floral/collared dress and my M8545 floral dress) and the with the small shoulder pattern piece, I chose a big flower to sit in the centre, like a corsage! Ahh.

Gathered skirts rock but next time I want to make the wiggle skirt.

Butterick 6582
Faux wrap baby!
Faux corsage too, hehe!
Yes, my dress form is wearing a bra. Haha.
Gathered shoulders.
Nice, evenly gathered skirt.
I always sew three rows of gathering stitches.
Bodice lining - white sunsilky polyester.
You can see where the small shoulder piece joins the main bodice.
No waist stay this time.
Shell: Cotton Sateen
Lining: Sunsilky Polyester
I know I said I'd hand sew the hem... forgive me!!
The shoddy looking stitch above is enough to scare me back to handsewing my hem next time. 

I think my machine needs a service.
Or I need a new machine.... 
Can you believe that I still don't have my camera back??
#Dodgy iPhone mirror #selfie!!
I like the back. It's perfect. 

Pattern Review: Butterick 6582, View 3

Size: 6 all the way! Usually I have to grade out to an 8 waist, but not this time! Either the pattern has more ease... or my healthy lifestyle is paying off!
Fabric: 1.5m cotton sateen (Darn Cheap), 0.7m sunsilky lining (Spotlight)
Notions: Dress zipper 18" , Gutermann thread
Time:  Can't remember the hours, but it was 4 sessions over 5 weeks
Cost: Fabric $20, Lining $7, Zipper $2
Pattern Modification/Adjustments:
  • Fully lined the bodice instead of facings for the bodice
Techniques Used:
Retro 1960s dress with full gathered skirt <3

I love this print! I thinks it's "autumn-y" so I'm keen to experiment with stockings and boots and see if they will suit this dress. It's way to cold in Melbourne to get around bare-legged.

Has anyone else (besides Laika Doll and Dapper Duds) made this dress?? It is such a beautiful dress!

If I had one piece of advice, I would recommend making a muslin/toile because the finished measurements on the pattern seemed large for my bust, but when I tried on the muslin it fit perfectly.


  1. Lovely and the inside looks as impressive as the outside. Gorgeous dress.

    1. Thanks babe!! I am not very happy with the hem, I really should have hand sewed it, but I love the clean look the lining gives to the bodice.

  2. Lovely dress. I really like the print. You have some amazing floral dresses :)

  3. Classic Neeno! That Butterick pattern has always appealed to me, but then I already have so many floral dresses with fitted tops and flared I'd have to actually make a muslin!

    1. I know right! Muslins suck. I was kinda annoyed that after busting my balls to make a muslin, the thing ended up fitting anyway, hahaha.

    2. Isn't that the worst?? And then once that happens a couple times, you think, oh no need to make a muslin and then of course that's the pattern that ends up not fitting!

  4. This is sooooooooooo cute! I love it on you! So glad to see you back!

    1. Thanks Sonia!!! I'm glad to be back.. though I wish I didn't have to "come back" so often hahaha. I want to sew consistently but I'm so time poor. Wah...

  5. Hey Neeno this is such a classy print and the end result is stunning! I'm making the same one, but exams have put my sewing life on hold!

    1. Hey Bridget!! I have this fabric/print but in purple as well!!!! Personally I prefer the brown tones, but I could probably make pants or something with the purple print.

      I can't wait to see your dress.

      Good luck with your exams :)


  6. Gorgeous dress! The style is great on you. I love the faux wrap front. It's a nice different detail to the scoop neck dresses I'm always making.

    1. Same!! All my dresses have a scoop or straight neck... the V8511 and the M8545 are probably the patterns I have used the most. It was refreshing to sew with a new pattern, but also frustrating at times :)

  7. This dress looks so great!
    I've been *trying* to make this dress lately but with the fitted skirt version.
    Unfortunately the fit was wayyy off for me so I'm going to have to go down a size and figure out the gaping in the bodice. It's in a pile at the moment but you've given me hope that it will turn out fine.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. The fitted skirt!! The would look sooo hot!!!!
      I love fitted skirts but I KNOW that major modifications and adjustments and muslins must be made and frankly I'm scared!!!!!! But I really want to conquer my fear of the fitted skirt and go for it. I get weird 'bum drag lines' on the back of my skirt :(

  8. Super super gorgeous. I love a gathered skirt, and this one has some serious gathering! Was it a dental floss job? hehe
    Great fabric and the neckline and picked zip are just divine :) I've GOT to try me a picked zip!

    1. Hey Melanie!! I've never tried the dental floss trick, too stuck in my way!!
      I always sew three rows of gathering stitches and it is such a pain in the bum to remove it afterwards. Such a waste of good Gutermann thread too!!!!

  9. Very pretty dress. I'd be tempted to add a lining to the gathered skirt. A girl can't have enough lux!

    1. OMG I didn't even think about lining my skirt cos I started skipping lining on gathered skirt (I felt the fullness didn't need lining) so I was saving a bunch$$ on buying skirt lining... but as I read your comment I realised I had enough lining for the skirt as I had gotten the lining on sale!!! and have about 4 meters of it. Gahhhhh!!! Damn!! :)

  10. The dress turned out great.

  11. Nice Great Lovely And all i Think it is great site.thanks for sharing.

  12. Cute! It would also look awesome wit a wiggle skirt :)
    And yay for waist seams matching up, I always have a little victory dance when mine match up!

  13. Great dress. Looks great in this pattern fabric. I'm very jealous that you have a sewing room and the rate you seem to finish projects Need to get sewing


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