Monday, 10 June 2013

WIP Butterick 6582 Retro 60s Dress.

Hi all! 

How's it all going? Just a follow up from my old post about the death of Google Reader and the confusion about finding a replacement, has everyone made the switch to Feedly?? That's what the whole internet is doing, apparently!! 
I made a Feedly account, but haven't used it much. Even though I have dissed Bloglovin' in the past I've found that I'm still relying on Bloglovin' to follow all my blogs. 

Now on to sewing!! Three weeks ago (seems like forever-ago) I set up my sewing room and started a new project - B6582. I got as far as putting the shell together and cutting the lining out one Saturday afternoon after kettlebells - last time I will attempt to sew after strenuous exercise!! My hands were shaking so much that my cutting ended up being jagged and so off! Since then, Saturdays are my kettlebells, brunch & nap days. I haven't even been going out that much on Saturday nights cos I'm so wrecked from my work out. So. Un. Fit.

Today was a public holiday so I made the effort to do some sewing. I'm kind of embarrassed that every Monday when I come to work and my friends ask if I did any sewing, my reply has been "um, no.." and that new friends I have made in the last few months don't even know that I sew cos I haven't been doing much of it! 

This is what I managed to do today in 6 hours... (a lot of the 6 hours I was texting and tweeting, lol).

I sewed the darts on the lining, put the bodice lining together and sewed the lining and the shell together using the 'bagging' technique (tutorial here).

Bagging this bodice, finally.
The pattern actually has facings not lining, but of course I had to be a smart ass and go with lining and put myself through the torture of sewing a bunch of darts on stupid fraying polyester!!!! Grr!!!!

I spent the afternoon swearing my head off because there was shit fraying everywhere and thread flying all over the place. My sewing machine was making strange noises (turned out it needed a new needle). 

Bagged. Now to sew up the side seams.
The lining I bought was sunsilky polyester (the best kind of polyester lining - it's treated so it's breathable) but for some reason my sunsilky felt stiff, cheap and nasty. Who. Knows.

Here is the end product.

Faux wrap.
Cute gathered shoulders.
Butterick 6582 bodice.
I am so glad this step is over! Next up is the skirt. Full gathered skirt has not failed me so I'm going with that style again. Unlined, thank Christ.

I'm so keen to do a finished project post and have a new dress to wear!!!!! Hopefully finish it this month.

To be continued...
PS. Hope the Aussies had a good Queens Birthday :)


  1. I've been enjoying - it sends emails of your rss feed to your inbox, and using gmail I've filtered it into folders, just like google reader =]

    1. Ooooooh!!! Thanks for that Liz! I'll have to check that out too!!

  2. I have no patience with learning new things, but I am sure they will force me to eventually. Glad you're back. Love the top

  3. So glad you're back to sewing-- I've missed your awesome dresses!

    1. Thanks Sonja, I have so much beautiful fabric I want to work with, just hard to find the time!

  4. Nah am a Bloglovin gal. Been on that from the get go, have no experience of google reader

    1. Now that Bloglovin' have made updates to their interface, it's much nicer to use :)

  5. I declare a dose of fabric envy. Love the look.

    1. Thanks Gail! I also have the same print, but with purple flowers :P

  6. Wow you are very very talented! Wish I had skills like you!
    ps- thank you for your comments :)

  7. This dress will end up being a beautiful garment and you will feel very proud to use it, eventually ... do not despair ... sometimes there are periods of little sewing it back wanting accumulated! Love this print! Looking forward ...

  8. Wow that's amazing! I can't believe you made that yourself *clap*!


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