Monday, 9 September 2013

Away from Sewing: 26th birthday.

I feel like I've been cheating on my sewing blog because I've been spending so much time on tumblr! Ah tumblr, everything looks stunning on that microblogging site. Playing around with tumblr themes got me thinking about my boring old blogger theme... you may have noticed I've changed my blogger theme, how pretty is it!

So! There have been so many changes in my life since my last blog post - new hobbies, new boyfriend, and I turned twenty-six!

My birthday was great. I had many birthday dinners and ate really, really well! 
On my actual birthday, I had dinner at one of George Calombaris's restaurants, Mama Baba, and met the great man himself!

I was super spoilt by my family and friends with lovely gifts. My beautiful sister got me a super hot pair of Nike Free Runs!! In my fav color! Mum gave me a beautiful gold ring, Dad gave me cash :D

My highschool bestie Eirene and George!

Boyfriend! I have a gorgeous new man in my life. We've been dating a few months, and over my birthday weekend it became official. He loves my sewing, blogging and habit of taking photos of food before we eat.

For my birthday, he did the most amazing thing. He covered his bed with heaps of balloons and hid my presents under the balloons! He got me the most thoughtful pressies: Marc Jacobs Lola (cos I love MJ's frangrances); a travel coffee mug (cos I love coffee and recently started buying beans); decision dice (with craft options on it!) three sets of intimate apparel; and my favourite gift of all - a Nike hoodie for me to wear to gym. To top that off he got me a yummy piece of cake, sang Happy Birthday, and poured me a glass of red. He's definitely a keeper. His birthday is coming up and I cannot wait to spoil him <3

I've been heavily involved with my bookclub. This month we read a book that I picked, Tampa by Alissa Nutting, very controversial and taboo topic. Book club catch up will be very interesting this month!

I am still doing my kettlebells classes and have expanded to doing 2-3 classes a week, trying out other classes at the gym and I've fallen madly in love with circuit class (strength and condition workout with various stations). I've been hanging out at the gym a lot more cos one of the owners brings his cute puppy in and also cos I've made friends with a really sassy and fit girl, who I just found out on the weekend also sews! Amazing! We chatted for ages after class about patterns, fittings, dresses... she's made some incredible looking frocks!

As for my own sewing, I will wait until my weight/measurements settle down before I start cutting any patterns out. I have seen a lot of hot dresses that I want to make. I want to move away from full skirted and floral to pieces that are more wearable day-to-day. Till I make another dress, this blog will be quiet as I don't want to start blogging about non-sewing too much! 

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  1. I've also had a lot do big exciting changes that have kelp me away from my blog a. Little too long. Everything is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing your sewing again. Btw - the clean simple site looks great!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!!! You look absolutely amazing and so glad you've been enjoying yourself!! Things sound so wonderful and you deserve it all. Can't wait to see what you start making soon and love the new blog layout too! xx

  3. Happy birthday, girlie! Glad to hear you're doing so well!!!!

  4. Oooh what a spoilt thing you are! But hey, that's exactly what birthday's are for, eh? ;) Happy birthday and yay for so many fabulous things!

  5. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you had an amazing day. How cool that you met the Masterchef guy (what I call him in my head) :)


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