Monday, 14 October 2013

Away from Sewing: 4 days in paradise, Surfers Paradise.

Back to Melbourne, back to work, back to reality!
My first day back in the office today and it sucks!! 

I had 8 days off work. Went to Surfers Paradise for a family trip with my younger sister Judy, two baby cousins (4 and 1yo) and their parents. It was a short but very memorable trip. It's good to spend time with family. I have not spent 4 whole days with my sister since I moved out of home! Our first trip away together as adults. All we did on the trip was wake up at 6am to go gym, lay by the pool tanning, and eat, eat, eat!

We didn't bother with bar crawls (lets face it, Melbourne has the best bars!) or theme parks (travelling with a pram is not fun) but I was more than happy to stay at the apartment... the pool was amazing. As long as I have wifi and sun, I'm a happy girl! We stayed at Sea Temple, it was beautiful. Great views and was walking distance to everything. The only thing I disliked was the shadow the building casted over it's own pool in the afternoon (fwp).

Photo creds to my sister!

I got back to Melbourne last Sunday and it was pretty depressing coming home to rainy weather and a quiet house. Was so used to waking up to my sleepy sister and cute cousins giggles.

I eased myself back into Melbourne life by brunching and gymming and sewing all last week. 

I started and finished my floral M5845 for my friends wedding. I'll be blogging a pattern review later on in the week, but here's a couple of pics from the wedding. Till next time!


  1. Your vacation looks like it was soooo pretty and relaxing! I can't wait to see more about your floral dress for the wedding. :)

    1. Thanks Sue!! It was a really great getaway and so nice to be away from the computer. Have a lot to catch up on Bloglovin' though!!
      I'm working on the pattern review now :)


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