Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Embracing my size 10 butt.

So I finally have a project in mind, some gorgeous fabric and several occasions to sew for.

I'll take it one dress at a time.

First up is a wedding on Saturday 12th October. 

This is the wedding of my two close friends at work. They met at work and love blossomed.
Six years later they are getting married. Yay. I'm super excited cos I was there from the beginning.

The bride-to-be suggested I should make something to wear to her wedding. Okay, okay I will :)

I have an obsession with floral so it's no surprise I bought good ol' floral cotton sateen over the weekend from Darn Cheap in Heidelberg. 

Since my two friends are taking the plunge and getting married, I'll take the plunge and make a dress with a slim/fitted skirt this time! I usually take the easy way out and make full skirts to avoid the nightmare fitting issues I always have with my bottom half.

I am finally accepting that I have a size ten butt. 

Not 6, not 8, but 10. 

I like big butts (and I cannot lie, #shesquatsbro anyone?) so I don't even know why this even frightened me. 
Maybe it frightened me cos I had this idea that my hips *should be* the same size as my bust? 
It's not that I have a big butt, it's just not *flat* I guess. Idk.. 

If you have read my blog for a while, you would know that I get hideous drag lines on my fitted skirts. I think it must be because the skirts are too small for my size 10 ass. The size 6/8 skirts I was cutting were too small for my 87cm/34" hips. I will now cut the right size!! 

Oh cool, my hip measurement is my year of birth, easy to remember!

The Simplicity 3222 vintage pattern which was a 12 - 34" hips fit great on my butt so I will be using that skirt pattern and playing some mix-and-match. If I had more time, I would make muslins for size 10 skirts in other patterns, but I don't have enough time.

I haven't decided what the bodice will be yet. 

I'm off to sunny Queensland for the next few days and have the whole week off work next week so watch this space for a finished project :)

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  1. I have a proportionately big/curvy butt too. I have yet to conquer the fitted skirt, still haven't moved past the muslin stage. Looking forward to your results :) and nothing wrong with having a shapely bum okay? :) yours will be great and I'll post my results when... I actually get some. Lol :) love a good floral btw!

    1. Grrr I still had to make adjustments... my body is weirdly built! The skirt fit well if it sat on my hips, but when I pull it up to the waist, things start to go strange! Finished result was great though. Blog post to come!

  2. Ohh- that fabric is fab and it's always great fun to challenge your sewing skills- you are going to rock this like a boss!

  3. Haha your hilarious babe your absolutely tiny and have a gorgeous figure!! I'm using your fabric for a wedding next week too so excited I finally have a pattern that will be good enough for the gorgeous print. Where are you heading in qld babe, gc? Let us know if your up brissy way!!! I owe you a coffee!!! Can't wait to see the dress too!!

    1. I can't wait to see what you make with that fabric :)
      I was looking at your Megan Neilsen pattern the other day, I think I'm ready to tackle it!! A muslin at least :)
      I was in Surfers, didn't have a car, otherwise I would have gone for a drive :)

  4. It took me a while to accept my 14 waist. 14!!!! I have a smaller frame, fuller bust, so if there is any ease in the design I do a 10 or 12 so it doesn't hang off my shoulders, but a very fitted bodice... Nope. I need to learn to start with a 10 or 12, and grade out the waist and do a full bust adjustment... Sigh.

    1. When I look at my measurements, it looks wacky.
      I wish I was in proportion - not a vanity thing, I just wanna be able to sew with minimum adjustments hehehe

  5. Ya!! They wouldn't have written songs about it, if it wasn't a beautiful thing. :) Love your floral fabric.

  6. Oooh, I'm looking forward to seeing the end result! And worry not - your butt is smaller than mine :) Pear shapes unite!

  7. Oooh, I love the fabric! This is gonna be great! I can't wait to see it! And dude, the beauty of sewing is that shit fits! I can wear things I never could buy in the right size-- I bet you're gonna get hooked on wiggle skirts!

    1. Hey Sonia! Yes I am in love with the wiggle! I felt so prim and proper in my dress at the wedding hehe.

  8. Hey, a size 10 butt is nothing to complain about! I'm pretty skinny and flat up there but my bum is almost a size 10 so I flaunt it when I can!

    1. Not to sound vain, but I love my butt hehehe, just don't love it when it comes to sewing!! I wouldn't complain if I suddenly woke up with a size 10 bust too....


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