Thursday, 10 October 2013

Throwback Thursday: My sewing in 2002!

 Did a big spring clean of my wardrobe and look what I found! 

I made these boxer shorts in Year 9 Textiles class in highschool (2002).
I used to make clothes for my dolls using mumma's industrial sewing machine and sometimes with a needle and thread, however this is the first piece of clothing I made for myself using a pattern.

The fabric is  polyester... kinda floral too!
Check out that elastic waistband case!
LOL at my zig zag stitching!
These have been through the wash hundreds of times and still no fraying!
Quality handstitching??
Almost perfect hemming.

I reckon everyone in my family has had a go at wearing these shorts, even dad! 
My little sister was wearing these for years and they must have ended up at my place after a sleepover or something. They still fit me and are very cosy to wear. Still can't get over how sturdy the stitching is. It's 11 years old!!
Just thought I'd quickly share with you my first handmade piece of clothing, now it's back to the sewing room! 

Here's a pic of me in 2002!

Running amok at Year 9 camp rocking cow print PJs.



  1. Nice! So good to see they lasted! We had to sew boxers for school as well though i had the option of making "panties" and a camisole also because i finished them way early. i have no idea where they are today.... haha

  2. Oh boxers. We made those in year 8 textiles. I think it is just about mandatory ;)
    And that print is fierce- makes me think of crocheted granny squares!

  3. Fantastic! It's great to find those early makes and have a good chuckle at them, and be satisfied at how far we've come, huh?


  4. What a fun find! And I also totally wore cow print pajamas when I was is grade 9, that were probably made by me, if not than my mom, which was about 2002. :)

  5. Ahhh....those images need to be locked in a vault, then thrown into the sea :P

    But isn't it satisfying to see how far your skills have progressed? I hope you're extremely proud of yourself, as I am of you.


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