Sunday, 9 February 2014

Finished Project: BHL 'Anna' in spotty rayon with split.

I want to share with you my second Anna dress. I can't get enough of this pattern. I wish I could live in this dress, it is so comfortable to wear.

I wore it on Saturday for mum's birthday. My sister Judy  and I took mum to see King Kong Live on Stage. After the show, we met up with the boys (my BF and Judy's BF) and took mum out for a feast at a yummy Thai restaurant.

Mum's bday weekend

Didn't have any fitting or mechanical issues and seams were finished on the overlocker so Anna took about 8 hours to make.

Because all the fitting issues were identified and fixed on my five muslins (blogged in detail on my 'Anna' pattern review post) making this up was a pleasant experience.

The only adjustments I did to this version was moving the back darts across so they line up with the skirt seams, lowered the points on the bust pleats, and a 'narrow shoulder adjustment' using Ginger Makes tutorial. 

The fabric is rayon I got from Spotlight (2.5m) I thought I would have enough for Anna but I didn't so the facings are cotton lawn. 

It was 40C degrees on Saturday, but the rayon was cool to wear, so breathable, gotta love natural fibres! EDIT: I've since been told that rayon is not a natural fibre... I recall a lady at a fabric store telling me rayon was breathable and that it was a natural fibre *shrugs* off to Google!

The above-the-knee split on the skirt is very sexy and subtle, not very noticeable unless there is a breeze. I'm comfortable enough with the split to go thigh high for my next Anna. 

Mum loved the split too, she asked if I could give her a copy of the pattern cos she loved the split in the skirt so much! When I'm done with my sewing marathon this month, I'm going to take her measurements and give her some Anna to whip up too! If you've read my profile, you'll know that mum was the reason I took up sewing (read more about mumma here).

Here's a couple of pics of Anna my sister Judy took for me after our afternoon at King Kong - dress is a little wrinkly!! 

Anna dress in spotty rayon

Project details - 
Pattern: By Hand London 'Anna'
Size: 2/6 bust, 6/10 waist, 6/10 hips
Fabric2.5m rayon (114cm wide), 0.5m cotton lawn for the facing
Notions: Gutermann thread (000), 22" invisible zipper, 0.5m whisperweft interfacing, 
Cost: Fabric $30,  Zip $5, Interfacing $5
Pattern Modification/Adjustments: full blog post here.
Hours: 1 hr cutting, 7 hours sewing, all in one weekend.
Completed on: 2nd February 2014.
First worn: 8th February 2014, mum's birthday.

The spotty fabric is so cool but they make me dizzy when I look in the mirror lol. Overall I love how the dress came together except that in some areas (like the neck line, where the bodice and skirt joins, centre back) the spots are not full spots, but I guess with spots that size you can't help cutting into the spots at the seams. 

So this is one out of the four dresses I need to complete in February. 
Currently on my sewing table is the Valentines Day Georgia, almost complete, just need to figure out how to join the 'centre back bodice' with the 'centre back skirt' - that Y looking piece on the centre of the skirt piece has got me stuck. HELP!

Hope you all had a good weekend, and if all goes well I'll be back next week with a pattern review for By Hand London 'Georgia'.


  1. This is ADORABLE! You look great! Anna really works for you!

    1. Hehehe thank you :) there will be more Anna's coming!

  2. Love the dress, it's very elegant :) I'm a big fan of musicals too, the special effects for King Kong must have been epic!

    1. Hey Suzie! Thanks for the comment. YES the effects were amazing!!!! I see a lot of live shows, plays and that but this was my first musical and I really enjoyed it.

  3. I love this dress (all the fitting was worth it, great to have a versatile well-fitting pattern). Long and flowy, yet light and breezy, PERFECT for the hot weather!
    Looking effortless and elegant in the hot weather, thats no easy thing!

  4. Gorgeous dress but I have to let you know Rayon is not a natural fibre!

    1. Ooooh? I was told by a lady at the fabric store that it was... but i could be wrong. Thanks for the correction!

    2. Rayon is a byproduct of cotton milling/production, so while it's technically not a "natural" fiber, it's not entirely UN-natural either. Really cute dress!

  5. It looks great. You'll be making all the Annas now - it's great on you!

    1. I've got one more Anna coming up this month!! I can see myself making more later in the year, for next summer!

  6. I looooove that last image in particular, SO elegant! And polka dots are always a winner. In terms of your Georgia, we'll have a tutorial up this week about attaching your skirt to your bodice, which should hopefully make it all nice and clear!

    1. Thanks Charlotte :) This pattern is beautiful.
      Re Georgia, I managed to get the back bodice and skirt attached at the y-looking seam. It's not bad but I want to improve it so I'll look out for the tutorial so I can get some tips for my next Georgia. She's lookin hot so far!! Zipper and hem done last night, I'm going to pad out the bust then handstitch the lining down :)

  7. I've just found your blog through a comment on Su Sews So-So's blog. Your maxi Anna is beautiful! I love the polka dots so much. Funnily enough, this morning I was thinking about making a maxi Anna for the summer, so yours is great inspiration.

    1. Thanks Lynne, I'm so glad you have been inspired by my Anna. It's a fab dress, you should definitely make one!


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