Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I am such an idiot...

Okay, not *exactly* the same situation, but I cannot believe what I have done... 

Last week, I got ADSL installed at my home (finally!!). After 8 years of living off mobile 3G internet, this was a great luxury. I installed my wifi-modem-router-thingo with ease and was so excited to finally undust my laptop and refresh the antivirus software.

I then decided to upload all 6000 picture files from my laptop to Flickr.

Guess what happened next.

I decided to do a massive clean up of my Flickr account, and I DELETED HEAPS OF MY SEWING PHOTOS - THE PHOTOS EMBEDDED ON THIS SEWING BLOG. 

Today I got an email from 'Emma' who was referring to my blog for advice on 'Anna dress' and she kindly emailed to let know that lots of my photos weren't working.

I am so upset!!! Years of photos have been deleted from my sewing blog and I cannot recover them, because after the upload to Flickr was completed, I double-deleted the photos off my laptop.


If anyone knows how to recover double-deleted files from a laptop or recover deleted photos from Flickr, let me know.... but I am not very hopeful at this stage :(

EDIT: I was able to save my photos from and reuploaded them to the blog. 
Lucky I was only using the 'embed from Flickr' method from late 2013, otherwise there would be so much more collateral damage! Only one post couldn't be recovered. Not bad for a blog that has over 150 entrees. Thank you everyone for helping out! xoxoxox

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